January 9, 2013

Review: EDGE OF DISASTER by A.M. Hargrove


Author: A.M. Hargrove

Source: ebook from author for review


Alexia Hammond, broken and destroyed by a tragedy she can’t seem to recover from, is on a downward spiral toward destruction. A life of partying, alcohol, drugs and men has brought her near the edge of disaster. That is until one night while at work as a waitress in an upscale restaurant, she falls under the spell of one of her customers, Pearce Middleton. Once she gazes into his smoky gray eyes, her life takes on new meaning. But can she put her past behind her and allow herself to fall for the exciting and gorgeous Pearce, or will her lewd behavior come back to haunt her and ruin her chances of happiness forever?

My take...
Alexia wakes up in the arms of different men and god only knows what kind of drugs she did the night before. So when her best friend gives her an ultimatum, she decides it’s time to quit the partying and the men and start the growing up. When she meets Pearce she is instantly attracted to him, but she has vowed to not date until she can get her messed up life back on track. Will she allow the Doctor with the smoky eyes to evade her heart? Or will her messed up past overcome her future?

When I first started reading EDGE OF DISASTER I was a little freaked out. I mean the girl is waking up at some stranger’s house. And apparently she had a good time with not one but 2 guys. Am I that sheltered…that naive that I found these actions totally appalling? But gosh did it made for a great start to a book. Because once you get past the opening, we see that Alexia is really trying to turn things around. Unfortunately something horrible happens and forces her to start all over again. You get what I am saying? Alexia feels as if God is making her pay for her the sins of her past.

Enter Pearce aka Dr. Smoky Eyes. He comes charging into her life and it will never be the same again.  And who the flip would want it to? He is sexy, gorgeous, rich, caring, and did I mention sexy? Cause yeah, he totally is. Once Lexi tells him yes to going on a date…her life is swept up into a whirlwind full of romance and love….lots of love.

This is where I sometimes contradict myself again in my reviews. Yes I do love stories where romances grow slowly. But I also think that some romances can begin with a spark; a bang. Exhibit A: Me and the hubs. After only dating for a couple weeks he proposed. A couple months later we were married. Now 13 years and 3 kids later….we are happily married still. So yeah, even those great relationships can happen instantly. So I think it was sweet seeing this two react to the fact that they are head over heels in love after such a short time.

Now I know you are thinking…I just gave away the whole plot. Nope. I mean, just look at the cover. These 2 obviously get together. But there is an occurrence that happens near the beginning of the story that sets the stage for more to come. You just got to wait for it.

Ok, just going to explain now why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Although I was crazy about Pearce and the romance…some of it came off a little corny or cheesy. Some of the dialogue to me wasn’t entirely believable, in my opinion at least. But that is about all I found fault with. I really liked it and thought that it told a good story. The book is also fairly quick to read…I would have been done sooner but things kept getting in the way of my reading time. 


  1. Thanks Mandy for featuring Edge today! And yeah…insta-love happened to me too ;-) Annie xx

  2. Thanks Mandy for the Great review! Yep I believe in instant love too! I have this book on my Amazon wish list! Definitely going to buy it after reading your review! :)