February 14, 2013

Mini Review: FATHOM by Merrie Destefano


Author: Merrie Destefano

Source: ebook from author for review


Turning sixteen can be hell, especially if everyone in town thinks your mother killed herself and your sister. All Kira Callahan wants to do is swim, hang out with her best friend, Sean, and ignore the kids who torment her at school. That is, until one day when she gets invited to a party. For three minutes her life is wonderful—she even kisses Sean. Then somebody spikes her drink and some girls from out of town lure her into the ocean and hold her underwater.

Kira soon discovers that the group of wild teenagers who have come to visit Crescent Moon Bay are not as innocent as they seem. In fact, nothing is as it seems—not the mysterious deaths of her sister and mother, not her heritage, not even her best friend. And everything seems to hinge on the ancient Celtic legends that her mother used to tell her as a child.

My mini take...
I am extremely on the fence about this one. Several times I had put the book down, telling myself I wasn't into to it, only to find myself crawling back into bed starting it up again. The writing was excellent and it flowed easily throughout the book. But I think it was the storyline that got me. I liked the idea that the author had but at times I thought it was kind of bland. The description of the book is a little deceptive too. So much so I was a little confused when starting the book. I just wasn’t expecting the path the author took. I will say I was surprised with a major twist that happened. I totally did not see it coming. 

Another thing is I never felt that connection with Kira like I felt I should with an MC. I mean like zip. I couldn’t relate to her and thought that she didn’t really develop much throughout the story. I did however like Caleb's character a lot. But I do think he got the short end of the deal in the end.

I am not sure if this book is the start of a series or a standalone. But with an ending like this one had, I am hoping there will be another book. I am not sure though I want to read the second one if there is. I just don’t have that desire to continue on with it. These are all just my opinions and I hope that others will want to find out for themselves if this book is for them or not.

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