February 5, 2013

Mini Review: REACHING THE EDGE by Jennifer Comeaux


Author: Jennifer Comeaux

Source: FREE on smashwords

Emily has waited over two years to give herself to Sergei. She couldn’t have asked for a more patient man. Now they’ve finally reached their wedding night, and after all Sergei’s patience and understanding, Emily wants to be everything for him. How will their first night together compare to their dreams?

This is a 3500-word short story that contains mature content not suitable for younger readers. It is available as a free download on Smashwords  and B&N and Amazon

My mini take...
I had no idea Comeaux had put this awesome little book out. But when she posted on my facebook wall asking if I had seen it I about went nuts. I couldn’t plug my nook up to the computer fast enough. I mean come on folks!!! We are talking Sergei here!! He is one of my all-time favorite book guys ever and I was so happy I was done with the book I was reading…cause one way or another I was reading that book right then, right there.

REACHING THE EDGE is only a few pages long but lordy help me it was so good. And it is quite possible I am even more in love with Sergei now. He is so unbelievably gentle and amazingly sweet with Emily. I am almost positive I heard her swoon while reading the book. I know I did my share of swooning.

If you have read the first two books in the series…make sure you get this one to fill the gap until book 3, FIGHTING FOR THE EDGE, comes out. Perfection!!

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