March 23, 2013

Mini Review: AMBITION by Lee Strauss


Author: Lee Strauss

Source: free at B&N

My review of  book one, PERCEPTION 
My Review of book two, VOLITION 

AMBITION is a FREE short story prequel (5K- approx 20 pages) to PERCEPTION, capturing the beginning of Noah and Zoe’s story from Noah’s POV.

Eighteen year old Noah Brody doesn’t like GAPs—Genetically Altered Persons. He’s taken up his dead father’s cause, speaking out and protesting against unfair GAP policies that are responsible for the massive social divide between wealthy GAPs and poorer naturals.

If only he could keep his mind off of perfect Zoe Vanderveen, daughter of the GAP family his mother works for.

And can he really fill his father’s shoes?

My mini take...
Just going to give a real quick take on the story, which is approximately 20 pages long. What did I think? Well I loved it of course. The short story is Noah's POV on the beginning of PERCEPTION  book one. And I must say…I love me some Noah. So hearing from him and what was running through his head when he hears Zoe’s mother degrade him and his family in front of Zoe. AH! My heart went out to him and I wanted to hug him.

Noah has big shoes to fill now that he has taken over the cause that was left vacated when he father was killed. And in this little slice of story we see that he has a lot riding on his shoulders: a job, his sick mother, helping care for his younger brothers, and leading people to see that GAPs are not helping any one out by getting special treatment.

You can read AMBITION before or after PERCEPTION  I read it after, and personally, I liked it better. It reminded me of when we first met Zoe and Noah and refreshed my feelings for the two. This is a fantastic series you really should dive into. Whatcha waiting for?

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