March 24, 2013

Mini Review: New York, New York {Love, Tink 2}

Title: New York, New York

Author: Elle Strauss

Source: amazon ebook

My review of book one LOVE, TINK

Love, Tink Series is Enchanted meets Peter Pan.

In Episode Two, Tink makes it to Peter's New York and is more than a little daunted by what she discovers. Under the guise of Belle Fehr, Tink registers at the school Peter attends. Her dreamy reunion is crushed when she finds that not only does he not recognize her, he has a girlfriend named Wendy!

This is a novelette.

My mini take...
Oh blink! What has Tink got her self into? 

Days after Tink helped Peter to escape Neverland to his New York, Tink is hopelessly missing him. Now she is bound and determined to leave Neverland and follow after him, but needs the help of her friend, Jangle, to make it happen. When she does make it to New York, Tink discovers it is a scary and frightening place. How will she ever find him? And once she does find him...will he remember her?

This short story series is just too adorable and too cute for words. I love how Strauss put herself into Tink's shoes so we the readers would know what it was like for Tink as she makes her way to New York. This is a whole different place for her and so unlike Neverland. As she learns to adjust to the ways of New York life, Tink is reminded over and over again that she so far from home.

I look forward to the next episode and I am crossing my fingers that maybe Peter will remember Tink. I recommend this short story series to any and all lovers of Peter, Tinkerbell, and Neverland. It is also perfect for any age reader...young or old.

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