March 20, 2013

Review: WHERE YOU ARE by Tammara Webber


Author: Tammara Webber

Source: bought on nook


Graham Douglas doesn’t do romantic relationships, but he was knocked for a loop when he met Emma Pierce on the set of his last film. As they grew closer, he did everything in his power to keep from falling for a girl being pursued by superstar Reid Alexander. Now home in New York, his life is once again under control, until Emma appears and shows him how not over her he is.

Emma Pierce is forsaking an up-and-coming Hollywood career to embark on a life she’s only dreamed of—the life of a regular girl. After spending months burying her feelings for the two night-and-day guys who vied for her heart while filming her last movie, a twist of fate puts her in a coffee shop in the middle of Manhattan with the one she still misses.

Brooke Cameron was a fresh-faced Texas girl when she arrived in LA. Now she’s a beach sitcom star turned conceited heiress on the big screen. Having just survived three months on location with her ex—Hollywood’s reigning golden boy—she’s older and wiser and has set her sights on her close friend Graham. The only thing standing in her way is the girl he can’t forget.

Reid Alexander can sum up his life in one word: boring. Between film projects, there’s little going on outside of interviews, photo shoots, and the premiere of the film he finished last fall. The next-to-last thing he expects is to get a second chance with Emma, the girl who rejected him. The last thing he expects is for his still-bitter-ex to be the one to offer it to him on a platter.

My take...
Book opens up to Graham's POV? Um, yes please! Do you know how refreshing it was to open the book to find my guy Graham? So very refreshing. And to get a little deeper into that head of his was even more so. Oh how I love this guy. With this book we get so much more of him and it is why it is so far my favorite of the series. 

I was definitely not happy to see Reid make a reappearance or Brooke for that matter. Lord help me those two are made for each other and need to leave Emma and Graham alone. Every single time one of them would showcase their POV I was ready to hurl. By the end of the book I was ready to b-slap them both because I was so over them.

Ok back to the beginning. Emma and Graham had just realized they both had feelings for each other when BETWEEN THE LINES ended. And boy I couldn't be happier. Together they will be happy...together they will make cute babies. Yeah, I know. These are fictional characters we are talking about but I can dream right? And I know that all relationships are going to be put through the wringer before they can get their happily ever after. And these two are no different. In fact, I think they have it rougher than some other characters I have read about. They have a lot of obstacles in their way of that happily ever after. And the forces that are coming at them to break them up are a pair I hope I never cross paths with. Such evil intent.; such malicious ways.

Emotional drama plagues this book to the fullest. Oh.My.Gosh does it ever. The trouble and drama that Graham and Emma go through just proves that they are not meant for the limelight. They need to stick to the Indie flicks and stage shows if they are going to fall prey to every little rumor they hear or see. You'd think they would have gotten a clue from the very start of Brooke and Reid's devious plans. I mean, the plans are grade school at best. Very immature and hard to overlook. But I guess some people are more trusting and are easier to fool than others.

Not sure I will continue on with GOOD FOR YOU, only because it is Reid's story. I have never liked him and don't care to start anytime soon. Yeah I am sure he will redeem himself but I might have to wait for another day before I let it happen. But I do recommend this one only for the mere fact there is so much Graham and the story is so good. So please pick it up today. Enjoy!


  1. Where You Are is my favorite book in this series SO FAR. ;) I just love Graham. He's a favorite of mine.

  2. BTW, you should read Good For You. I never liked Reid either, but that was a really good book.

  3. Listen to Autumn!! I hated Reid with a fiery passion but he totally 100% redeemed himself in GFY! It was so sweet too! But this one was my absolute fave of the series, I adore Graham!