April 17, 2013

Review: ACADIAN WALTZ by Alexandrea Weis


Author: Alexandrea Weis

Source: ebook from author for review

At thirty, Nora Kehoe is feeling pressured to settle down. On a blind date, Nora unexpectedly ends up in the emergency room where she meets Dr. John Blessing. She hopes the pragmatic Dr. Blessing can make her life complete. Then, a passionate encounter with a childhood friend changes everything.

The charismatic Jean Marc Gaspard manages the family business, Gaspard Fisheries. But rumors abound that Jean Marc is running more than seafood through the waters around Manchac Louisiana. When a family crisis sends Nora to Manchac, she is thrown headlong into the dangerous world of smugglers and swindlers. And as Jean Marc tries to protect Nora from his past, he realizes he may lose her because of it.

The dark bayou waters run deep with secrets in Louisiana, and every Cajun knows how to dance the fine line between the right and wrong side of the law. But for strangers, learning the steps to staying alive in the swamps can be tricky. Life, and love, will be dependent on how well one can master the … Acadian Waltz.

My take...
Sometimes you have to discover what you don’t want in order to appreciate what it is you really need. Once you have lived, only then can you truly love.

Nora started off a good, head strong character that wasn't afraid to speak her mind. But all that becomes hidden once she meets Dr. Blessing. For some reason all her mother's crazy antics and lectures over the years come slamming into her and she feels the need to listen. Why? I don't know. If this lady was my mother I would have found the first bus out of town and never looked back. I can only take so much of people like her before I am ready to go postal on them. She was mere inches away from being offed in my head.
This is one of those books that sinks in and makes a cozy little home in your heart. Truly a good read that was both romantic at times and easy to read. Nothing flashy or jaw dropping...just a feel good read. Or was it? I am just reading along thinking I know how this book is going to end and then the end sneaked up on me and I was floored. I absolutely did not see this ending coming. Way to go Weis for giving me a book I was not expecting to read. And I was near tears at the very end thinking something terrible. Oh my poor heart. I am not sure I could deal with it had it ended a certain way.
Weis’ writing is perfection…her story is amazing…and I am just sitting here with a smile on my face. I am definitely going to be looking into more of her work. And I recommend this story to all who love a beautiful romance in the making.
Fav lines…
As I began buttering the toast, I wondered why men always patted themselves on the back after sex, as if they had just climbed Mt. Everest, thinking that they had a satisfied a woman when they had actually done nothing of the kind.
Odd, how you could know someone all your life and then, without warning, what you thought had been friendship turns out to be love.

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