April 7, 2013

TOP 10 with J.P. Hansen {Signed Book/Ebooks Give@way}

Brooke Hart was beautiful, smart, and groomed from birth to deal with adversity. 

Her widowed father did his best to raise his baby girl to be a strong-minded business woman. Then she found Tanner. Just when her world seemed perfect, everything turned upside down.
Following Tanner’s tragic death, Brooke joins a start-up company that is developing a cure for the disease that killed the love of her life. Just before the treatment is ready to market, the company is gobbled up by a giant conglomerate. She moves to the acquiring company as its youngest VP and becomes enamored with CEO Chase Allman—only to be betrayed by him.

Brooke rebounds again and sets out on a personal journey to discover what will truly make her happy. Sparks fly when she and Chase cross paths again in an unlikely way. Now, they need each other to find an abducted child and save thousands of people.

1. fav movie/actor/actress? I was friends with Chris Farley and “Tommy Boy” makes me laugh every time I watch it.

2. fav song/singer? Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

3. fav place you would love to visit? Hilton Head Island

4. one item you cannot live without? Good wine

5. who would you like to meet?(dead or alive) Jesus Christ

6. fav hobby? Playing guitar

7. guilty pleasure? Apple fritters

8. fav author/book?  Jose Silva’s “The Silva Mind Control Method”

9. do you collect anything? Hard Rock Café Pins from all over the world, Autographed books and sports memorabilia, Coins

10. fav color?  I’m tempted to say Pink (because of my book!), but Maroon wins…


Giveaway time...

There will be 6 winners. 1st place winner will get a signed copy of PINK SLIPS AND GLASS SLIPPERS. Then 5 lucky winners will each win a kindle copy.

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