July 20, 2013

Cover Reveal & Review: CAUGHT IN A JAM by Lila Felix


Author: Lila Felix

Source: eARC from author for review

I’ve loved her since we were kids. But loving someone gets tough when they don’t love you back.

Nixon Black has made mistakes. He made one mistake that would change his life forever. Now he’s working and in school—and he’s got a three year old. He gave up dating when Scout was born, but every night he retreats to another life in his mind, one he could’ve had with her.

Journey spent her formative years on the arm of any boy that didn’t expect anything out of her. She was hiding from the one person who did expect something in return—Nixon. Years after being cheated on and dumped for the last time, she takes a job at a daycare center where there’s a genius of a ginger haired girl whose last name is Black.

But the roles have been reversed and Journey is no longer Nixon’s first priority. Can he make room for the new Journey? And when he does, will he be able to forgive the old one?

My take....
Soon after losing his mother, Nixon tried desperately to booze (among other things) Journey out of his life and straight out of his mind. But a twist of fate has a girl at his front door declaring he is about to be a daddy and she wants nothing to do with it. Nixon immediately straightens out his life and focuses all his energy raising his daughter. Life is full of Scout, school, and work. No time to indulge in dating and partying. No, those days are long gone now.

Journey has jumped from one loser to the next, knowing her hearts lies with only one guy: Nixon. Every time, when one relationship didn't work out she would use him up before moving on to the next guy. When a few years pass without Nixon in her life she realizes that she needs him there with her. He was more than just her best friend...more than just a shoulder to cry on. But when a chance encounter with his daughter at her new job, she realizes she just may be too late. Maybe Nixon doesn’t lover her anymore...

Nixon has had to grow up since his days of roaming the country helping Maddox look for his father. No longer the cute, funny guy we all remembered from DOWN N' DERBY. Well, he is still cute, but more grown up and sexier. I know, some major sexiness genes runs all throughout that Black family, am I right? He has had a hard life from the time we last heard from him. Partying, boozing, pill popping, and bedding Journey-look-alikes were all a constant in his life. But all it took was one tiny red head to make him change his ways. And he did. I must say, I am diggin’ new Nixon quite a bit. I mean, does the fact of imagining him as a single dad not do it for you? It does it for me. That is downright sexy. I am sure ovaries will be spontaneously combusting when women read this one. BOOM! Gone.

Journey is one of those girls that come into the story and you instantly want to be wary of her. She is intruding on a family that we have all called our own. Sure she has a past with Nixon, but it is a rocky one at best. She used him, and we have earned that right to be a little judgmental. We look after each and every one of them. We want the best for them. But as we read, we know she has a good heart and only wants the best for Nixon and Scout too. So we ease a bit up, seeing where this relationship goes.

In true Felix fashion we get more than just Nixon's story. Yes, even Storey and her past plays a huge role in this one. And all the other family members make appearances too. One particular family member, Mom, as I like to call her, had me in tears near the end. That woman is just too precious and is the glue that holds the entire family together. I love that lady.

Have I rambled enough for you? Have you dozed off somewhere during my review? I know. I have a habit of going on and on when I love a book. And this one was just as ahh-mazing as expected it would be. Felix keeps iterating again and again, with each book, why she is my favorite author out there. She has the goods that keeps this woman happy. I know with each book I am going to get a great romance and an amazing story. Now bring on Rex's story and make it snappy!

Fav Quotes...
And Journey's mouth-I'd never forget how she tasted or how she pressed against me. I'd wait for that moment forever.
This wasn't going to be easy, but nothing worth having was. And she was worth working for every day of the rest of my life.
I walked behind him and when we passed the bed I joked, "Hurry Nixon, I feel a sin coming on." 
But when my lips met hers, the world around me ceased to exist. Fires could break out, earthquakes could shudder, mass panic could explode in the streets, but there was nothing in that moment but her and I.

This song is perfect for Nixon and Scout....

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