September 21, 2013

Early Review: SEEKING HAVOK by Lila Felix


Author: Lila Felix

Source: eARC from author for review

Est Release Date: Sept 30th

Her life is just as messed up as her name.

All she wanted was a friend---one that knew her and not her circumstances. She needed somewhere to call home. Hers was an open door for countless men looking for the services her mother offered them. She camouflaged herself against lockers and blackboards to avoid the stares and whispers at school.

And then she found Cal...and Fade.

Cal lives like Frankenstein, rising at night to work and just trying to make it until dawn. He avoids most relationships, afraid of the things he will be asked to do. He moonlights as Fade, a radio station DJ who spends hours counseling his peers on their troubles. It was all mundane until Jocelyn called the station.

Cal and Havok pursue a friendship.

Jocelyn and Fade pursue a relationship beyond the confines of the radio waves.

But when Havok disappears, Cal will find that Havok has been guarding a lifetime worth of secrets. And when Fade and Jocelyn’s all night phone conversations cease, he finds a link between them he never saw coming.

My take...
Havok Jocelyn Daniels.
Doesn’t really roll off the tongue, huh?
Maybe it would roll off a cliff.
Maybe I’d push it—just a little.

If not for the kindness of others Havok Daniels would have starved a long time ago...among other things. Life has not been kind to her and her mother...lets just say she won't be winning mother of the year any time soon. That woman is something else. More worried about her next fix or how much she will be getting for the spreading of her legs, than she is worried about her daughter and if she has had dinner or not. Or adequate housing. Or clean clothes to wear. Or a good education. Yeah, I could go on and on about that lady. But I will refrain. Maybe.
Havok on the other hand is such a great girl. She is a broken girl, but kind and caring none the less. She has always played the parent to her mother; cooking, cleaning, caring. All that when it should have been the other way around. Lord help me, that woman needs her mother card stripped from her and should be locked up for good. I loathe her and think she deserved everything she got handed to her. Ok, maybe not everything. No one deserves the lot she was handed. But still.
Cal/Fade is everything a guy should be. Take note boys. You want to know how to treat a woman? Follow his lead. He treats Havok the way she should have been treated all along. He makes sure she is fed and safe; things she has always had to work for. Things that others take for granted. Finally a guy that is sweet and kind...not the douchery types we are all used to reading lately. He proves there are still men out there that care enough for a girl to want to the best for her. Even if it means he hurts instead.
And then comes the ending. I (like every single one of her books) finished with tears. At one part, there may have been a bit of ugly crying going on. Cal does something totally selfless and puts Havok's well being first. Then we the actual ending came guessed it. More crying. All good crying...but still crying. I don't think I have ever ended one of Lila's books without a least a tear or two in my eyes.
Although this story gets pretty deep and dark at times, there is goodness and light found, too. Those times when Cal is desperately seeking out the real Havok, is some of the sweetest parts. There is definitely some romance (Lila Felix would have it any other way) and it is done to perfection.
With each book by Felix, I always seem to find my new favorite. And this one has proven to be just that: my new favorite read. I wholeheartedly recommend this read to anyone and everyone. I could sit here and ramble on a few more paragraphs, but I will let you read it and decide if you think it was as great as I do. I am betting you will. Thanks for another emotional, romantic read, Lila!

Fav quotes...
“I want you to kiss me because—because I’ve needed to know what you taste like since I saw you staring at me in front of the bakery.”
“That’s my girl.”

And my Havok could take on the world with the strength in her little toe. Havok, just Havok, she wasn’t mine anymore.
I needed her. I needed her folded in my arms at night. And I wanted to wake up to her grumpy scowl in the morning. Our roles had switched. She didn’t need me anymore, but my need for her was almost overwhelming.

Once you read the story....this will make sense!

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