September 23, 2013

Review: CONTRITION by Lee Strauss


Author: Lee Strauss

Source: eARC from author for review

Est. Release Date: Sept 26th

AMBITION (The short story prequel) and PERCEPTION (book 1) are both free as of right now.
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Zoe, Noah and the other plane crash survivors are stranded in the Arizona desert.
They all have secrets,
and reasons to hide.
But they’re not alone.
Cyborg soldiers.
Humans and humanoids.
Who can be trusted?
Zoe’s life is in danger.
Noah must make an impossible choice.
Will their love survive their brokenness?
Will the world as they know it end before they can find out?

My take...
The desire to hold her, to comfort her, and love her was so strong. Like a tornado erupting suddenly in my soul, tossing all rational thought around like debris. Why did she affect me like that? Why did she have such an overpowering hold on me? 

You'd think that love would be the furthest thing from your mind after surviving a plane crash and then having to survive the harsh desert elements all while playing hide and seek from the government and your crazy, tyrant Grandfather. Oh no, not with Zoe. Of course she isn't normal by any stretch of the imagination. She is a GAP, so Taylor would be the obvious best choice for her. But her heart still lies with Noah. And most likely always will. But seeing as him and Mary are spending more and more time together, Zoe feels she has already lost him. So if she makes it out of this whole mess alive, will she be able to make Noah see that she does remember him and her love for him? Or will something bigger than the two of them take her down before she gets a chance to find out? 

Whoa, whoa, whoa... This book!! This series!! I cannot believe how with each one they have gotten better and better. At least for me. And I gotta tell you... I was in absolute awe of this one. With each page, as I got closer to the end, I tried to will the ending from coming upon me. No such luck. Yeah the end comes, but it is what happens between the first page and the last that had me aching for the characters, had me smiling because of the romance, had me hoping for a better future and a happy ending. Ain’t gonna lie…I got pretty nervous towards the end. It wasn’t looking good for Noah and Zoe or the world.

I have loved Noah from the start and loved him even more in this one. Even though there was a few times I wanted to scream at him and tell him to leave his obligations of honor at the door and just be with Zoe. Come on, the girl you love is seriously hurting for you and needs you. Why can't you see it and everyone else can? Don't be dumb about this...go and love her. Does he wake up from his stupor and reunite with her? Guess you’ll just have to read it won’t you?

I can honestly say this series is just so darn fabulous and Strauss is one of my favorite authors out there. When she asks me to review, I know I will get one heck of a story and look forward to the characters she brings to life in each and every book. It is a given. Strauss writes a book to perfection and leaves the reader with a sense of fullness, so to speak. I know I have never read one book of hers and thought…’Huh, that wasn’t fulfilling one bit’. Nope, I am always happy with each tale she spins and have a connection with each of her characters. You can’t help but love them. No matter what role they play. 

Fabulous story, Strauss...and of course I look forward to more books by you!

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