September 14, 2013

Review: LOVE AND DECAY #6 by Rachel Higginson

Title: Love and Decay #6

Author: Rachel Higginson

Source: bought on smashwords

Zombies- as if that wasn’t enough to ruin any girl’s dream of a happily ever after.

After escaping Kane and The Colony, Reagan, Haley and the Parkers have acquired new traveling companions in the form of Tyler and Miller Allen. Neither are prepared for the struggle to survive daily or fight off the ever present Zombies.

On top of dealing with Tyler’s bad attitude and Miller’s careless ignorance, they are struggling with finding safe places to stay, an unreliable van and a dangerously depleting weapons stash.

Life seems deadlier than usual for Reagan and friends, but it also seems happier in places too. Hendrix holds her attention now and with life and death scenarios at every turn, their relationship is encouraged to develop.

When they are suddenly surrounded by hungry Zombies and every one of their lives is threatened, the tension between Reagan and Hendrix finally comes to a head.

Love and Decay, Episode Six, is the sixth in a novella series in a Dystopian Romance about Zombies, the end of the world and finding someone to share it with.

This story takes place over multiple episodes, with a release date every two weeks. Approximately 20,000 words.

My take...
They were life to me now. And not just my waking moments and daily duties. No, they were literally life-they represented the only good things left in this dead world, they were bright and full of vitality and color. They were shining with everything good and pure and beautiful and I would never give them up.
Reagan and her family made it out of the Colony, barely, and along the way they picked up 2 more people to join their band of misfits. These newbies have a lot to learn when it comes to surviving out in this harsh, unforgiving world. And it is not something that is going to happen overnight. But things only get worse when the group tries to take off after a fitful night's sleep, in a freezer of an old grocery store. Will this finally be it for the group? Will things go unsaid between Raegan and Hendrix?
This was Hendrix-the boy had seen me and demanded I make a place in his life before I even knew his last name.
Have I mentioned how much I love Hendrix? Yes, every infuriating, delicious ounce of him. I love how intense he is and how much he cares for Reagan. He would do anything for this girl and yet, she just wants to question her feelings. Does she really know him? Is she settling because they are walking on the edge of the end of the world; quite possibly being the only sane people left to populate the world? Ok, I just added that last part in there. But seriously, couldn't you see Reagan trying to process that as she is justifying her feelings for Hendrix?
Another fabulous, intense episode from the LOVE AND DECAY series. How does Higginson keep them all so fresh and exciting? I don't know, but I can assure you the intensity of the series keeps getting stronger and stronger as the clan travel on. I seriously thought the worst was going to happen in this one. I just knew that we would lose someone, anyone, in this episode. Will they all make it out alive? Read the story and find out for yourself. 

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