November 2, 2013

Mini Review: TOOTHLESS by J.S. Wilsoncroft


Author: J.S. Wilsoncroft

Source: ebook from author for review

When a psychic moved in the apartment below Shawna, she got excited. She thought it would be cool having her fortune told, but her roommates Kate and Kelly weren't too thrilled about it, especially when they saw what the old lady looked like, something only Stephen King would dream of. When they, not so willingly, decided to help the old lady move some furniture, she rewarded the girls by telling them their fortune. That's when all hell broke loose. Dreams became nightmares and nightmares became dreams and in the end it all became a reality!!

My mini take...

Be careful how you treat could come back to bite you in the butt. That Karma can be a real witch. Literally. 

TOOTHLESS is a quick and spooky short story by the oh so talented J.S. Wilsoncroft. Absolutely perfect if you have a few minutes to spare and need a good scare. Being a short story, there isn't much time to get to know the characters, but you learn enough to get the full effect of the story line.  I think the only problem I had was how the guy in the story went about breaking his curse. I thought it was rather harsh. But that is just me. I really enjoyed it and think you will too!

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