November 17, 2013

Review: FOREVER BLUE by Julie Cassar


Author: Julie Cassar

Source: ebook from author for review

New love, new magical powers and new threats emerge as Ruby discovers more about who she is to become and why the powers at be want her out of the picture. When the flames of the Fire Court threaten to burn those she loves, Ruby must leap into a fiery battle which could change the lives of all those in Fey and alter the fate of the Royal Courts forever. Secrets revealed and lives hang in the balance in this explosive finale to the Ruby Blue Series.

My take...
This kind of crap just does not happen in the real world!
Oh. Right. I 'm not in the real world. I 'm in Fey....where magic, legends, and the stuff of fairy tales are real.
Including unicorns.

Ruby has found her Prince Charming. Literally. Brennan has professed his love to her and together they live happily ever after. *Pssh* As if. The road is not always paved in gold. At least not for Ruby. She is about to have the fight of her life in FOREVER BLUE. Everything else they have dealt with before now is minor in comparison. She and Brennan's love will be jeopardized and lives will be lost. Hang on tight folks, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

This series was so totally amazing. Re-sparking my love of all things faery. Cassar has given us a fabulous story filled with fairies and the amazing world of Fey. Yes! Ruby actually gets to go to Fey and meet the parents. Gasp! Although that is a bit awkward at first...everything is unbelievably magical. Fey captures Ruby's heart and she finds she never wants to leave.

But that is where the fun ends and the serious begins. Like I mentioned earlier, Ruby and Brennan have one heck of a fight coming up. Someone wants Ruby dead and will stop at nothing to make it happen. Brennan is doing everything he can to prevent it, but even he has his limitations. Will Ruby's energy be enough to help them through this? Maybe, maybe not. Only time will tell.

The romance. Oh the sweet beautiful romance. We are getting to see an entirely different side of Brennan in FOREVER BLUE. He is not the same spoiled, immature character we all met way back in RUBY BLUE. Oh no. He is maturing and letting his love for Ruby show. He wants everyone to know that he loves her and she loves him. They are life-mates and it is forever. And I gotta tell you, I like this guy. A lot. I love hearing him confess his undying love for her. Such a charming Prince charming.

I also love seeing how Ruby has matured as well. There were times this gal would grate on my nerves with her immature’ish ways. But over time, she has really grown up and I absolutely adore her. She has really accepted her fate much better than I ever would have. And now I am sad to say goodbye to her and this story.

But nope, it is not over. I will not accept this. So for it to end, well, I am not giving in to it. I know that Brennan and Ruby have more to tell. And I need to hear it. Maybe I don't have to accept it. Maybe Cassar has other plans. Hmmmmm....

So I conclude my rambling review of FOREVER BLUE. I hope you will have time to pick up this amazing series and give it a whirl. I am absolutely positive you will love it and inhale it as I did. It really is a must read.

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