March 22, 2014

Review: LOVE AND DECAY Season 2 Episode 4 by Rachel Higginson

Title: Love and Decay Season 2 Episode 4

Author: Rachel Higginson

Source: eARC from author



Zombies- as if that wasn’t enough to ruin any girl’s dream of a happily ever after.
After Vaughan convinced Tyler to let the Parkers handle rescuing Miller, plans have been made. While Reagan recovers from her epic battle through the Oklahoma forest, Haley Gable takes her place on the task force and readies herself to retrieve Miller.
Along with Nelson, Vaughan, Tyler and Gage, Haley must sneak past a forest full of Matthias’s armed men, break into the creepy, Feeder-filled school and rescue an eleven year old boy who has been tortured and mistreated for months now.
The mission is not simple, and Haley will face some of her scariest moments yet. But she has a very capable team of people with her and they will not leave until Miller is safe.
An unexpected run-in with Kane sheds some ominous foreshadowing on their adventure and Haley’s good intentions might sabotage them in the long run. But they stick to the objective: to get everyone back to the storage facility alive.
That’s all Haley wants. She just wants to get everyone home so they can be a whole family again.
But is that an impossible goal?
Love and Decay, Episode Four is the fourth episode in Season Two of a novella series in a Dystopian Romance about Zombies, the end of the world and finding someone to share it with.
This story takes place over multiple episodes, with a release date every two weeks. Approximately 20,000 words.
My take...

The world was certainly not supposed to go the way of the toilet. But the worst had happened and now I lived through the consequences whether I wanted to or not. Damn the Zombies. And damn science for making this happen.

Haley is taking Reagan's place as they go off on a search and rescue of Miller from his father's confines. Reagan is none too pleased. But she knows she is in no condition to take on the living, let alone the dead. This mission will be anything but easy. And Haley must make a few life and death decisions. Decisions that may come back to bite them in the end. If they can make it to the end that is.

Always good to see what is in Haley's amped up mind, although it does take me some time to get adjusted to her POV. We get so used to being in Reagan's head and hearing her thoughts, that when someone else has a say, it takes some adjusting. Not in a bad way. But with Haley, this girl's mind is constantly going and going. So this trip is much needed after being cooped up for such a long time now in the safety of the storage compound. Even in a world with so much nothingness and openness and quietness...feeling claustrophobic can still affect people in major ways.

You know, for me hating Kane so much, I actually look forward to his scenes. Apparently no matter who he shares page time with either. I thought I enjoyed him only when he was terrorizing Reagan, but I am just as happy with his short time with Haley. Some interesting tidbits get mentioned during their discussion and it peaked my interest. So what I am trying to say is...I am not ready for him to go bye-bye. I know, I know! Me saying this is absurd. But I can't help it. He makes things interesting for everyone involved. So Higginson, you have my permission to keep him around a while longer to wreak havoc on Hendrix and Reagan's love life. ;)

Episode 4 was another fast paced read that had me hanging on to every word, yet again. And that ending was enough to have everyone screaming to the literary heavens above. How they will ever pull off another rescue is beyond me. If anyone can though, it is the Parker brothers that is for sure. A fantastic must read, I give it 5 Parker'liscious Stars!
I did know this… this life, this apocalyptic hellhole, this end-of-the-world purgatory, would do everything in its power to take those I loved away from me. That was the nature of this world. That was the fate I had been assigned.
Sometimes there were beautiful, lovely things leftover from a time of decency and decorum.
But at other times, there was only this… there was only ugly and evil, hatred and death.
And I hated it. I hated every minute of this. I hated that I had to suffer on a daily basis. I hated that my life could be taken at any moment. I hated that evil ran so rampant it blackened good men’s souls and blinded them from the way things should be. I hated everything and everyone.

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