May 19, 2014

LOVE AND DECAY: Season 2, Epi 8 by Rachel Higginson

Title: LOVE AND DECAY Season 2 Epi 8

Author: Rachel Higginson

Source: eARC from author


Zombies- as if that wasn’t enough to ruin any girl’s dream of a happily ever after.

Tyler Allen has been heartbroken more times than she can count. Her family is full of psychopaths, the love of her life was gunned down in front of her and she’s just rescued her little brother after her father kidnapped and tortured him.

Tyler doesn’t think she can handle any more grief. But how can she stop the pain when she feels as though she’s the reason for it. She’s the reason everything she touches or loves dies.

The only thing she can think of is to not fall in love again, not with anything. She’s built a wall around her heart and forced herself to remain detached from everything and everyone. All she wants to do is safeguard herself from more misery.

But she also wants to protect everyone else from her.

If only they would listen.

The Parkers have forced themselves into her life and she couldn’t help but come to care for them, especially Page. Reagan and Haley have also become friends she respects and loves. But Vaughan Parker is the worst of them all.

He doesn’t want friendship from Tyler. He wants something more. And he’s not going to let her get away with ignoring all the possibilities that could be between them.

Tyler knows she’s doing the right thing by keeping her distance from him. Until that protective barrier is shattered and he is able to show her exactly what’s she’s missing. He will not only ask more of her than she’s ready to give, but he’ll show her a world of possibilities she didn’t know existed.

Love and Decay, Episode Eight is the eighth episode in Season Two of a novella series in a Dystopian Romance about Zombies, the end of the world and finding someone to share it with.

This story takes place over multiple episodes, with a release date every two weeks. Approximately 20,000 words.

My take...
This world was ugly and dangerous. The people I loved were the people that damaged me the most. And when I let myself begin to care, or come to peace with the deep, genuine emotions I had for someone, they were always taken away from me.
And they weren’t always given back.

Ah! Were back with Tyler once again. I think it was a much needed break don't you? After all, Hendrix needs a moment to cool down after the last episode. Reagan needs time to sort out all her mixed up emotions. Yes, I do believe this is the perfect time for a little break of sorts. Tyler is dealing with some major feelings right now. Feelings she believes she has no right to. But Vaughan isn't about to let her crawl back into herself after the glimpse he catches. Oh no, he holds on to it and wants Tyler to hold on to it too. To see what he sees. To feel what he feels.

Finally. That is the one word that comes to mind when I read this episode. But even with all the advancements between Vaughan and Tyler, it still doesn't make them an automatic couple. Tyler has a past she needs to work through. Her first and only love was taken from her and killed by her father. Tell me that isn't enough to mess a girl up, am I right? She made Logan promises and she is not sure her heart can take on someone else to love. It is going to take some time. But at least she is heading out in the right direction for once.

By the way, we get a second set of eyes on the whole Hendrix/Reagan debauchery. A second opinion on what they did wrong. Tyler has ties to all parties involved. So we hear what she thinks about Hendrix's rash decision, what she thinks about Reagan's messed up views of Kane, and how she even feels about her brother and mother. Kind of like a voice of reason in the whole Meltdown of Romance from episode 7. It actually makes me feel somewhat better after the last episode and gives me a glimmer of hope that Reagan and Hendrix will work it out. Just a glimmer, but that is all I need. I think. I hope.

I love when we get these changing of POVs. I think we can all agree (once everyone reads this one) that is was a much needed change. As always, looking forward to more of this series and what Higginson has in store for these guys. I feel something big is about to happen, and I cannot wait to see it front row and center. 5 Frickin Stars!

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