September 11, 2014

Cover Reveal and Guest Review: LILY GETS LOST by Jamie Wilsoncroft #ChildrensBook

Lily is an adorable white cocker spaniel who accidently wanders from her home. On her journey to find her way back she meets an old dog name Sam. Sam asks Lily what her name is, but she doesn't know because her family calls her by many different names. Sam tells her that her family calls her by silly pet names because they love her. Sam introduces Lily to a cocker spaniel and a chihuahua who also have silly pet names. Will Lily's new friends help her find her way back home? Do you have a silly pet name?

Here is just a little run down from my 7 yr old daughter and myself. First off, let me mention how incredibly quiet my daughter was the entire story. She absolutely drank the story in. A first for her, as she likes to talk when I am reading to her.

Some of her favorite parts were the nick names the other dogs had and the different dogs we met along Lily’s journey home. One of her most favorite things was hearing about Lily wagging her stubby tail. She thought that was sweet and funny. (Oh the mind of a child!)

Hanna thought the story was a happy one and kept going on about it when we finished. And in the end it made me excited to see the smile on her face while I read her the book! A perfect read for kids. Absolute precious!

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