October 9, 2014

Guest Review: LILY MEETS A BULLY by Jamie Wilsoncroft #ChildrensBook

Title: Lily Meets a Bully

Author: Jamie Wilsoncroft

Source: ebook from author for review


Lily the adorable cocker spaniel is back and she meets a meanie. When a little dog shows up unexpectedly in her yard, naturally Lily wants to play, but the Chihuahua doesn't. She bosses Lily around, taking her favorite yellow ball and jumping in her pile of leaves. Lily is sad and doesn't know what to do. Do you know what Lily should do?

My take...

Well, Lily is back and that means me and my daughter, Hanna, have another review for you. She absolutely melted into a pile of doggy love when she was asked her thoughts on the first book. To be asked for her thoughts on this one had her over the moon. 

Hanna was so happy to be able to see Lily and her friend Sam again. And again, she loved the part of the wagging stub of a tail. Gets her every time. (I wonder if I can bottle up this childhood innocence for later on in life?) 

What has sold me on this quick, cute series? That Hanna was quite as a mouse the whole way through again. One book I understand because it is new. But when you add another book in, and the same results? Yeah, that is awesome. I kid you not that I have to tell her to be quiet with some books...threatening to not finish until she is. So I give mad kudos to Wilsoncroft for writing a book that keeps her attention the entire time. 

Come see what awaits you and Lily in this fun and fearful children’s read as Lily comes face to face with a bully. 5 Furry Stars!

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