October 31, 2014

Now Live: DOLL OF MINE by Lila Felix #ShortStory {Review}

Title: Doll of Mine

Author: Lila Felix

Source: eARC from author for review


*a horror short story*

In spite of her mother’s protests, Alma has decided to visit the Island of the Dolls on the day before El Dia de Los Muertos. She is bound and determined to go, sure that it is just an island that rumor has deemed haunted.
When she gets there, it is impossible to ignore the doll that seems to call to her.
But there are rules when you take a doll from the island.
Rules that can never be broken—unless you are willing to pay the price.

My take...

Alma thinks this fun trip over to the Island of Dolls is just that...fun. But her actions and choices on All Hallows Eve will prove this notion wrong and she will find her life is forever changed.

This is Felix's first Horror short story and I must say she nailed it. When I found out she wrote it I was giddy with anticipation of how it would read. Would it really be the creepy read she promised it to be? Let me tell you...it was! I have always had a fear of dolls coming to life, ever since I watched that scary movie DOLLS. (Yes, the one way back in the late 80's.) And this book was absolute perfection. I was spooked and loved every second of it. 

DOLL OF MINE is a quick and terrifying read that is coming out at the most perfect of times: Halloween. So prepare yourself now for a journey to the Island of Dolls. Yes, dolls. Spooky dolls. Cursed dolls. Don't worry. You are safe. As long as you don't make this journey, too. 

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  1. Looking at the cover alone creeped me out. This sounds like a worthy creepy read for this time of the month. Since this is such a quick read I think I will try it out!