November 19, 2014

CITY OF SECRETS by Aoife Marie Sheridan {Excerpt/Giveaway}

Title: City of Secrets ( Saskia Trilogy, #2)
Author: Aoife Marie Sheridan
Publisher: Synerg e-books

Sarajane finds herself in the middle of a war… a war over her. While in the City of Secrets, she must learn to use her powers that God gave her to defeat a fallen angel, who wants nothing more than to walk on earth. But will she stop Lucian, the fallen angel in time… even with Tristan and Carew at her side?
A war awaits her arrival,
A warrant for her arrest.
She must rise as a princess,
And Darkness shall fall.
But will their love survive this battle?
For Tristan and Sarajane?.

Step back into Saskia.



            I woke to Tristan sitting beside me in a tent. I was so used to sleeping under the stars that it took me a moment to relax. My eyes fell to Tristan's stare. A blush, made its way into my cheeks. I was still not used to how gorgeous he was. 
            “How do you feel?” he asked his tone serious, his eyebrows furrowed with concern, waiting on my answer. I moved easily to a sitting up position, I felt only a little bit stiff. 
            “I'm good,” I said to Tristan, his eyes relaxed but his face remained serious. He reached out taking my hands with such care while he traced all the scars now left on me, with his long fingers.   
“What happened?” he asked. His voice was full of conflict. I could see he was angry with himself.           “Tristan you won’t always be there,” I told him. His eyes shot away from me and he let my hands go, as he balled his own into fists. 
            “I shouldn't have let you go alone. If I just... when I saw you,” the look he gave me caught my breath, I could see the pain of losing me in his eyes, the love he had for me. “I promise you...”         I stopped him. “Don't promise me anything. Just kiss me” and he did without hesitation. Our kisses were rough and urgent, as if the fear of losing me still lingered. 
            I woke up alone, and purred in contentment as my body felt completely fine. Someone cleared there throat. I turned to Alana who had a big grin plastered on her face. She threw herself at me and hugged me so tightly. I clung to her small frame, glad to see her. 
            “Thank you for finding me,” I whispered.
            Alana leaned back and smiled. “I am so glad you are okay.” 
            I raised my hands. “All in one piece.” Alana's smile vanished slowly, as she looked at my hands, confusion filled her face. 
            “It's fine Alana, just cuts from stones.” I said. 
            Alana only nodded “We are moving soon. Are you up to it?” 
            I let out a heavy breath. “Can't lie here forever, as much as I might like to.” Alana went to leave, but before she exited the tent she threw another confusing looked my way.  What the hell was that about? Maybe she felt guilty at not being able to protect me? They all seemed to feel that way. 
I got dressed.
            Leaving the tent, felt like a mistake as I was bombarded with questions from Morrick and Tristan about what happened. I told them everything, apart from Suraga and Carew. I didn't need any more drama. Once they realized I was done talking, the conversation returned to us getting into Humus.  It was dark again which I thought was the best time to get into Humus. We would have no chance of getting in there during the day. I looked at Tristan, and then felt a good idea coming on.            “Tristan, the black outfits you got, could we not dress in them and pretend to be Saskian soldiers?” 
            Tristan smiled slightly and looked at Morrick. “She is right, but we couldn't all go.” Tristan turned to me, then, and said, “You would have to wait here with Alana and Mirium until we could see what is going on.” Mirium did not look satisfied but Tristan continued with his plan. “And
Morrick, you would stay here; it would be too dangerous for you to just walk in there.” 
            Morrick nodded in agreement. 
            “We should leave now, tonight, and tell the men that the king sent us.”
“Alright. It is the best idea for now,” Morrick said, but my stomach tightened with nerves. Kiar, Legis and Tristan changed into the black clothes and armed themselves; once they were all dressed, they put the cloaks over their clothes. 
            “Alana you will protect Sarajane at all costs,” Tristan said and Alana nodded her head in full agreement, as if it went without saying. 
            Morrick placed his hand on Tristan’s shoulder. “We will be safe here don't worry. Just find out what is going on and report back.”
            “Yes my Lord” Tristan bowed his head. I chewed on my lip with worry, in case this was a stupid idea. “Sarajane, don't wander off. Stay with Alana at all times. Please,” Tristan said as he passed me. 
            “Okay.” I couldn't look at him. He brushed my hand as he passed. Legis and Kiar followed after him. I regretted not saying anything the minute he was gone. What if I never saw him again?       “Come on Sarajane,” Alana said, making me sit beside her. The gentleness of her words let me know she understood. We sat in silence for a while. “Did I ever tell you the story of King Arimus and his daughter? I used to think it was a myth but now I know that the story is true,” Alana said.        “No. I hadn't heard this story. Tell me.” I sat up straight, welcoming the distraction, Alana smiled. 
            “Good. I like this story. King Arimus was a great king and he only ever had one daughter, she was known as two-face.” Alana smiled. “Well, only to my tribe. You would never say that to the princess' face,” she said grinning wider. “The princess was always in some kind of trouble and spent her days away from the kingdom. Nobody knew where she was going. Her father believed whatever stories she told him, like helping sick children, or helping out in the kitchen.” Alana rolled her eyes, making me laugh. She was hanging out with me far too much. “So one day, a stable boy came rushing through the palace and said the princess had turned into a beast right before his eyes. The young man was terrified. But the King laughed at this, saying he was being silly. But when the young man became insistent, the King left to see with his own eyes what the stable boy was talking about. To the King's horror, a beast stood in the stable transforming from his beautiful daughter into a creature that only belonged in the underworld.” Alana paused. 
            “What did he do?” I asked, eager to know. 
            “He killed her with his own sword, but when she died she returned to her own body. He sobbed over his daughter’s body for days. Her body always remained warm, so he encased her in a glass box, where she remains the same to this day.” 
I looked at Alana. “That was such a stupid story. I don't understand the point of it.” Alana came closer away from Morrick and Mirium's ears, not that I thought they were listening.         “The point was, her body never died. They say the beast lived and still does, holding both the princess' soul and its own. And it waits deep underground for her father's soul, as she is known as the soul minder.” 
            I swallowed.  

Aoife Maire Sheridan is twenty eight years of age. She lives in Kells, Co. Meath, a small town just outside Navan. Aoife was raised in Navan but left with her family at the age of sixteen. Aoife has always had a passion for writing but mostly poetry. This is her first time to write a novel. 

Aoife Marie Sheridan studied Accountancy and qualified as an accountant technician. She worked in this profession for several years but with the economic downturn she was made redundant. 

Aoife Marie Sheridan now works in retail as well as spending endless hours reading and writing.


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