December 17, 2014

5 Star Review: AFTER I FALL by Amity Hope


Author: Amity Hope

Source: ebook from author for review


When EmLynn’s dad loses his battle with cancer, the last thing she wants is to move across the country to live with her Mom. Her mom left her dad years ago to start a new, improved family with her new, improved husband.

When Eric finds himself in the middle of a mess of someone else’s making, the last thing he wants is to be dumped into the foster care system. He’s spent most of his life on his own, so he doesn't see the point of having a pretend family now.

A chance meeting leaves them both thinking that maybe their new town of Roseville isn’t so bad. But as they grow closer, a mutual enemy, along with a tangle of secrets and a web of little white lies, may just be enough to make their new found love unravel completely.

My take...

I have always enjoyed the books I've read by Hope. AFTER I FALL is no different. It starts out with us getting to know EmLynn and her past. And then there is the little bit we learn of Eric and his. He is more closed up about his past and EmLynn is fine with that. She enjoys her time with him and has no reason not to trust him. Until she can't. Life shows up front and center and EmLynn is forced to face the facts. Maybe she doesn't know him at all. Maybe it is time to close that door and move on.

While I loved this wasn't the emotional roller coaster I have been on before with Hope's other books. And truthfully, it was exactly what I needed right now. I didn't need a book that would give me an emotional beating or have me in a fit of tears. I needed a book exactly like this one that would have be happy and content in all the right places or would have me feeling some feels at just the perfect time. And it did. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter, more fantastic read.

I adored these characters. Hope gave us some genuine characters that readers could relate to. That is one thing I love about this author. She takes some of her characters and gives them a background that a lot of readers could relate to and doesn't sugarcoat them. Because in real life, teenagers don't lead sugarcoated lives, do they?

AFTER I FALL was a wonderful read I blew through. I loved the plot, the characters and especially the sweet romance. As always, I would suggest anything this author writes. 5 Read This Book Stars!

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