June 12, 2015

Top 10 Then and Now: Amber Garr, Author of PROMISES #Free

A few years back when I started this whole blogging adventure I did a fun interview I called the Top 10. It was silly questions that let you get to know the author a little bit better. Just about 3 years to the date I interviewed Amber Garr. Let's see if her answers have changed any....

Then: Jan 3, 2012

1. guilty pleasure? 
I am a fan of sugar. So something sweet like chocolate or gum drops. They can’t be in the house!

2. 1 book you could read over and over?
There are actually several books/series that I’ve read more than once. But I think the ones I devoured over and over were Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series. All of them!

3. If you could meet someone dead or alive, who would it be?
It would have to be Jacques Cousteau. I’m a marine biologist so I think meeting someone as inspirational and successful as he was, would help remind me of how far the field has come and what I can do to continue his ocean conservation legacy.

 4. one thing you cannot leave the house without?
My iPod - I simply cannot function without music in my ears! My Kindle would be a close second.

5. fave song/singer?
There are so many - but I’d say that right now I’m on a Tori Amos kick and have been listening to her newest album over and over.

6. hobby?
If not writing, it would be dancing and choreographing. Since I spend my day surrounded by science and fact-finding, I need to do something creative for my brain at night.

7. fave movie/actor and /or actress?
This is a hard one. I confess that I will watch Braveheart whenever it’s on so that probably puts it in the favorite category. As far as actresses, I’d go with Emma Stone or Bryce Dallas Howard. And Russell Crowe or Tom Hanks would be my actors.

8. one place you would love to visit?
Antarctica. Seriously. I think it would be so beautiful and unspoiled. But I also think I’d need to go in the summer!

9. fave food?
Cheese ravioli’s with no sauce please (just butter and garlic!). It’s about one of the only things I can/will cook myself!

10. fave author/book?
I don’t know if I can pick just one.  There are four authors that I really love and try to read everything that they publish: Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, Richelle Mead, and Charlaine Harris.


Now: June 2015

1. guilty pleasure?  Anything sugary

2. 1 book you could read over and over? Vampire Academy - Blood Promise

3. If you could meet someone dead or alive, who would it be? Quentin Tarantino

4. one thing you cannot leave the house without? My iPod

5. fave song/singer? Too many to choose from - right now I'm kind of on a Coldplay kick

6. hobby? Dancing (ballet mostly)

7. fave movie/actor and /or actress? Umm...Jessica Chastain

8. one place you would love to visit? Antarctica

9. fave food? Cheese raviolis (no sauce!)

10. fave author/book? Hard to pick one, but I really admire Kelley Armstrong 

Looks like not much has changed over the years. Thanks for participating Amber!

Amber Garr spends her days as a scientist and nights writing about other worlds. Her childhood imaginary friend was a witch, Halloween is sacred, and she is certain she has a supernatural sense of smell. Amber is a multiple Royal Palm Literary Award winner, author of the bestselling The Syrenka Series, The Leila Marx Novels, The Water Crisis Chronicles, and the upcoming Death Warden Series. When not obsessing over the unknown, she can be found dancing, reading, or enjoying a good movie. Find out more at www.ambergarr.com.

This is just one of the many books that Garr has out! 
Sometimes following your heart can end up destroying the ones you love. 

When seventeen-year-old Eviana Dumahl is faced with the responsibility of an arranged marriage and clan leadership, she is forced to choose between the life required of a mermaid and one of a teenage girl simply infatuated with the wrong guy. Kain, her devoted fiance, would make a wonderful husband except that she's been in love with Brendan, a shape-shifting selkie, ever since they were kids. Choosing to abandon her family, her clan, and her life with Kain will have dire consequences far beyond anything she could have imagined. 

A war is brewing amongst the clans and Eviana unwittingly becomes a pawn in the intricate schemes of a twisted mastermind. With Brendan's life on the line, she has no choice but to involve those she once considered friends. Amidst encountering senseless tragedies and immense loss, Eviana discovers that she is more valuable as a clan leader than anyone ever suspected. Her survival is not only dependent upon the loyalty of her friends, but also on her acceptance of a life she so adamantly tried to escape.
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