July 23, 2015

Review: COLLIDE by Kimberly Dian


Author: Kimberly Dian

Source: ebook from author for review


What if you just couldn't escape your past? And what if the choices you'd once made kept threatening to force themselves into your present?

Carsen can feel the past closing in on her, and she hates that she's not in control. She begins to doubt herself and wonders if the decision she made as a young girl could now destroy the one person she thought it would protect. Was her decision in fact not the selfless act she'd always thought it was but instead the most selfish of the options?

Buckle-up for a ride, as Carsen's past is on a collision course with the new life she's constructed in Kimberley Dian's debut novel COLLIDE, where events put in motion two decades ago stalk the present for answers and resolution.

My take...

Carsen has carried her past with her for many years...locked up tight and hidden in her mind. But when she sees someone that looks an awfully lot like a key player from her past, she is catapulted right back to graduation night. From there on out she is reliving her past and wondering if the choices and decisions she made all those years ago was worth it.

What was neat, but also a little confusing for me, was the multiple POVs. I found if I didn't make sure to read whose POV it was at the beginning of the chapter and the date, I would be lost until I went back and looked. Sometimes with multiple POVs you can get lost in the story and not a good lost. But I made it work and did enjoy hearing from those in the story. I liked seeing and hearing what was going on inside these characters heads. It really does help make the story that much more.

Sometimes I got a little mad at the characters and how they wouldn’t just speak their minds. Not to mention their emotions were all over the place. But I had to keep my cool and realize that they are just kids. And even though I didn’t connect right at the start with Carsen, I ended up really liking her. And I think I would have made the same choices she did had I been her shoes.

COLLIDE was a wonderful story of finding one's way and learning to deal with the repercussions of the choices you make. But then again it is also so much more...and I for one really enjoyed reading it. I am really hoping that the ending is a lead in to another book; because that was one heck of a cliffhanger we get left with. But still, I recommend it. It was a really good, debut read for the author. 4 Stars!

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