August 2, 2015

5 Star Review: ENGRAVEN by Lila Felix

Title: Engraven

Author: Lila Felix

Source: eARC from author


Tarrow Rivers is determined to wait on his mate, he scents her in the swamps, can see her in the trees, but he knows she's not ready to meet him. Yet fate has other plans.

Dahlia Branch has been groomed for an independent life since birth. Clans are something she's always been warned against. She knew she would never be a part of one...until she finds Tarrow, who is not only a loyal clan member but one of their Betas.

My take...

Dahlia has a lot to learn about the clan life now that she has found her mate. Her parents have always dwelled on the fact that clan life is not good. But Dahlia is seeing the good when she is with Tarrow. Until she sees the bad, and it only reinforces what her father has been telling her her whole life. Can she learn to love the clan Tarrow is a part of? Or will she convince him to start a new life of their own?

When I first read BURDEN I was smacked useless for several days after finishing it. Any book I may have read soon after most likely didn't register for me. I was that much in love with the story. While I did love book 2, HEARTEN, it still didn't give me all the feels like BURDEN did. But then ENGRAVEN happened. This book! This book once again reminded me of all the feels I had for BURDEN.

Breaking away from her lips was sheer torture. I pulled back to see her eyes still closed, her mouth still open the slightest bit, her chin tipped back begging me to explore her neck and beyond.
"Breathe, female," I teased.

So much of it reminds me of BURDEN but not too much where you feel it is the same book. Tarrow's character mirrors Hawke's in a way that you know he loves his mate wholeheartedly. He only wants her to be happy. And if that means that he must go away or have her break their bond, then so be it. Gotta love a guy who will move heaven and earth to make his mate happy.

Then we see that Dahlia is a lot like Echo as she is trying to come to terms with being a part of something that is so foreign to her. She will have to learn to understand this new life and try to live it. It will be a hard road for both.

She took my hand in hers and I gasped at the connection. There wouldn't be a time when my mate didn’t surprise me.

The romance was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I drank this story in and came out with the same wonderful feels I had with the first book. I love a story that you know will end well-it has to-but you still get the nervous jitters wondering what all they will go through to reach their happily ever after. Felix doesn't ever (EVER) make it easy on her characters. Something will happen but you better believe they are going to have one hell of a romance to tell in the end.

So if you want a love story to go along with a fantastic shifter read...these books are it. If you haven't picked them up...get on it!! You will thank me later. Oh and there is a snippet of what is to come in book 4, BEHOLDEN. 5 Amazing Stars!

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