August 5, 2015

Interview: Iris Aguilar, Author of SILVINAWYNN AND THE WINTER SOLSTICE

*What would you be doing right now if you were not an author? 
Well, I think pretty much doing the same thing except without the title of' author' as I also make charity bracelets to bring Cerebral Palsy Awareness

*5 years ago: what were you doing?
I wasn't an 'author', that's for sure. I was just a day dreamer. Dreaming of other worlds, still am a day dreamer, except now I'm an 'author'. I still don't consider myself an 'author'. 

*Do you have a certain writing ritual? 
Most of the time I write  at night when everyone is asleep . When the house is nice and quiet.

*What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author?
I completely understand that I'm not everyone's cup of tea. That there will be some who will absolutely hate my work. I can take that. What  I can't take is my family reading my work for some reason. I find it more embarrassing if my family reads my work,  rather than a stranger reading my work and hating my work. and writing a review about it.

*Ever fangirled over another author? Who was it?
 I used to fangirl over J.K.Rowling, who hasn't? She was one of the main reasons I wanted to become an 'author'. Before the movies came out I was a fangirl.  She was somebody who could write a good story, Now days she seems more like an untouchable brand name than just an author. Don't get me wrong.She deserves all the attention and people fawning over her work, it's just like I said she seems more like a brand-name now days....

*Is there an author you'd like to meet?
 I think I would enjoy  the company of Tolkien. Like I said I don't consider myself  an author more like a storyteller. I'm horrible with grammar and all that and Tolkien was a master at English. Least we have his books so I can study his writing style and grammar.

*Biggest writing pet peeve?
I don't have writing pet peeves but I don't like it when people use totally, like, and whatever  when they are talking to someone.

* Do you read other's reviews of your books?
 Yes, I read all the reviews, even all the hardcore criticism .

Fav Color
The many shades of Blue

Fictional Character you'd like to spend the day with?
If I ever end up killing characters off from my books than I'd probably want to spend a day with them and ask them what they think of my choices concerning their lifespan.

Fav food
I like italian food - spaghetti , lasagna, etc.  and Mexican food, different kinds of tacos, empanadas,queso relleno, salbutes, and olla podrida, etc

Fav song and/or singer
Judy Garland- Zing went the stings of my hear , Bing Crosby-Unchaine Melody, and  Mehgan Trainor- Dear Future Husband

Guilty pleasure

I read lots of Fanfiction from  Harry Potter (Not so much anymore) to The Walking Dead, etc. I also Watch a lot of ID discovery.

The story is about Silvinawynn, a young mortal woman with Cerebral Palsy, that’s confined to a wheelchair. She has no idea why she has been swept away to a celebration of the winter solstice at the palace of Lugh, a faery deity king. Dressed in a beautiful, golden gown and circlet, she eagerly watches the deities celebrate and dance in the great palace hall. 

When Lugh asks her to dance, she sadly declines because she cannot walk. But Lugh merely laughs and whisks her out of her wheelchair. They float to the ceiling and drift through the hall enjoying the festivities. When Lugh kisses Silvinawynn below a sphere of evergreen and mistletoe fashioned by the Green Man, a nature deity, she not only experiences untold happiness, but she and Lugh have launched a new tradition—that of kissing beneath the kissing bough, or mistletoe.

I'm currently working with an editor for my book, Silvinawynn and the Winter Solstice. Taking a good whack at my plotlines and characters . It's no longer a picture book, but a small collection of short stories for young adults and all: the Tales of Lugh and Silvinawynn.

The First Picture Book of the series. Silvinawynn and The Winter Solstice is a romantic-fantasy, for YA/Children and all.

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