November 19, 2015

Review: WHISPERS IN THE WOODS by Karice Bolton


Author: Karice Bolton

Source: ebook from author for review


The island getaway is supposed to be Emma Walton’s last celebration before she heads to college. She imagines glamping in a beautiful setting, complete with a summer fling. But when Emma lands in the middle of nowhere on a tiny, remote island in Alaska, she learns nothing is as it seems. Even Liam, her new crush, seems to be keeping something from her.

Freak and unexplained accidents begin plaguing the camp, and Emma realizes no one is safe. As each incident becomes more violent, she must face that there is something lurking deep in the woods whispering, taunting, and picking each of them off one by one.

The message is clear. Unless Liam and Emma can stop whatever evil lurks in the woods, they won’t make it off the island alive.

My take...

From the start of this book, I was easily hooked. I had to know what Emma did to possibly earn such hatred from her step father to be sent off packing to a camp for delinquents. All unbeknownst to her. Here she thought she was headed to a camp to learn about forestry before college. Does he hate her that much? Does her mother not see it, and not care enough for her only child to be treated this way? And why all of a sudden are kids going missing?

Like I said, from the start this book drew me in. I was intrigued. I was diggin’ Liam. I had to know why people were missing and getting hurt. This book was fun and mysterious. I enjoyed the characters I remembered (there was a lot to keep track of at times) and loved trying to figure out the “who done it” part.

And then there were the times that a paranormal aspect peeked its way in. Just every so often. It had you wondering if what we were dealing with was a normal, everyday contemporary or maybe, just maybe, it was a supernatural read. But, I am going to let you decide that one all on your own.

So, most of the book I was head over heels for. Then there was the end. I felt that the whole mystery got wrapped up a bit too quickly for my taste. I was hoping for it to drag out a little bit longer. I felt we got rushed into a set up for the next book too soon. Next book you ask? Oh yes! I am interested in knowing what is going to go on in it. Liam has a past that he wasn’t too keen on revealing, so it looks like it may come to a head in book 2.

Looking forward to more of Bolton’s work as always. 4 Stars!

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