January 12, 2016

5* Review: LOVE & DECAY: Revolution, Epi 3 by Rachel Higginson

Title: LOVE & DECAY: Revolution Epi 3

Author: Rachel Higginson

Source: eARC from author


It’s not easy being a badass Zombie killer. But somebody’s got to do it.

Page Parker knows there are more important things than policing the streets of Bogot√°. Like taking down a tyrant and saving the world.

If only she could convince her family to leave their beloved research station.

But life isn’t easy at the end of the world no matter where you live. When things heat up in their peaceful town and enemies find ways to attack them even from a distance, her family is given more reasons to destroy the Colony.

And when Page gets a glimpse of Miller’s hidden dark side, she’s more determined than ever to kill Matthias Allen.

Love and Decay: Revolution is a Dystopian Romance Novella Series about Zombies, the end of the world and finding someone to share it with. Every episode is approximately 20,000 words long and released every two weeks. Look for Love and Decay: Revolution, Episode Four coming January 22nd, 2016.

My take...

Page gets to make her case before her family as to why they need to go back to the States and finish Matthias off once and for all and end his cruel tyranny. Selling them on uprooting their families and the safety they have come to know won’t be easy. In fact, it may be downright impossible.

Oh wow oh wow. This is one of those episodes I cannot tell you anything else about it heading into the review. It is one of those episodes that you are just going to have to read for yourself. If I say something like Page does this...or Miller said that-well, it will just give it all away. Just know that Page is going to do something daring, and most likely stupid. Not that she is stupid...that is just Page. She was raised this way. Protected by her brothers, but having Reagan to help balance her out in the end. We all know Reagan didn't color inside the lines, am I right? She pushed the envelope and now Page is doing the same. In her own way.

Ok, enough about the upbringing of that wonderful child turned bada**. We get some great Miller time in here (like that? or are you not old enough to know what that means?) Anyhow, like I said...lots of great Miller moments. We see a side of him that was peeking out in the last season. And it is not good. Not good for him. Not good for Page. Just no good. I am back to being scared again for him. Not of…for!

Things are about to skyrocket from here on out. We are about to see things go from comfy to nasty to evil. Oh Lordy, help this crew do what is right. Help us readers for what we are about to endure. And by all means help Higginson stay on schedule with each episode because I am sure we will be chomping at the bits if we have to miss a Parker Friday. ;) ((Love you lady, I am only teasing. Kind of. )) 5 Freakin’ Stars!

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