January 2, 2016

5* Review: RAIN by Shaun Harbinger #zombies

Title: RAIN 

Author: Shaun Harbinger

Source: FREE off of Amazon


The dead rise...

A doctor returning from the mountains of India unknowingly brings a deadly virus to the western world. The nightmare begins.

Society crumbles...

Alex Harley is hiking with three friends when all media channels shut down to be replaced with the Emergency Broadcast. Civilians are warned to stay in their homes. Isolated and afraid, the four friends begin a fight for survival.

The end of the world is here...

The military sets up Survivor Camps to separate the infected from the uninfected. As a U.N. rescue mission is put into operation to save survivors from the clutches of the zombies, Alex and his friends must deal with the undead and power-crazed soldiers.

But while they fight to survive, the authorities consider drastic measures to rid the world of monsters...

My take...

This was it. The end. Something had happened to finally put an end to society as we knew it. This was real.
Game over.

Zombies. Sweet, beautiful, decaying zombies. My life has been forever changed from the moment I read my first zombie book. And this book just added to my appreciation of those rotten beasts.

I enjoyed the way the author started the story. Practically from the start he has the main characters out in the middle of nowhere camping without any idea of what is really going on. They realize bits at a time that life isn’t what it used to be. When it starts sinking in for them- that is what got me. How scary that must be to start the apocalypse without any knowledge. But how utterly brilliant as well.

I really liked the characters. Some had to grow on me but for the most part they were good people. I am glad they were not overly annoying like you sometimes find in apocalypse reads. As they story progresses we see each one grow and serious life and death choices.

Also, I got to hand it to the author for not only writing a zombie book but giving a good reason for how it is spreading, too. That to me was the brilliant part. Sometime you go into an apocalyptic read and never get the how’s or why’s of the virus. So…thank you!!

I really am glad I stumbled upon this book. And free at that! (at the time, 99cents now) I will be buying the next one soon to read and review. So keep an eye out for that one. 5 Zombie Flesh Stars!

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