January 20, 2016

FIND ME, REMEMBER ME, KEEP ME by Michelle Mankin {Giveaway/Reviews/Excerpt}

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Find Me, Remember Me, and Keep Me, a sexy, sophisticated, beach holiday romance is

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Find Me (Part One)

Remember Me (Part Two)

Keep Me (Part Three)

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Almost forty-one-year-old Annabelle Morris, wife to multi-billionaire record label executive Charles Morris of Zenith Productions, and mother of two is at a crossroads in her life.
Separated from her husband after walking in on him having sex in the public restroom of a charity event she was hosting, she has arrived on the island of St. John alone and rejected, determined to re-evaluate her life and her marriage. She's tired of being her husband’s showpiece while he pretends she doesn't exist. She's tired of trying to make their marriage work for the sake of their two teenage boys.

When she meets Johnny Lightning, a sexy but mysterious piano-playing, bearded sailor, she is tempted to break vows she has never before broken. But Johnny is much younger than her and seems to be hiding more than a few secrets of his own.
From the laid-back sandy beaches of the Caribbean to the elite circles of Dallas high society, Annabelle is forced to make critical choices.

Is a chance for happiness worth the risk of giving up the life she has always known?
Worth jeopardizing her own and possibly even her children's future?
In the end, will she stay on her present course or brave a new and uncharted one?

Find Me, Remember Me, and Keep Me is a full and complete novel in three separate parts.
A standalone Tempest spin-off.

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Are you Mrs. Morris?” The driver, a heavily bearded man wearing a Quiet Mon Pub ball cap, peered at me through his wraparound sunglasses. In his late twenties or early thirties, he looked much younger than I had imagined a caretaker to be.
I nodded and moved toward the jeep.
“You ready to go?” He dipped his shaded gaze slowly, sliding it over me. “Or do you need some more time at the jewelry store so you can find a more expensive watch with bigger diamonds?”
“No, I’m ready.” I frowned at the snide comment that implied I was as status conscious and shallow as all those social-climbers I had such contempt for. It was an unkind and unwarranted remark. He didn’t really know me. How could he presume to after only one glance? Then again, I looked at myself every day in the mirror and hardly knew who I was anymore.
“You’re late,” he complained. “You’re lucky I decided to swing back by the dock one more time, especially since the ferry’s been in for over a half hour. Still I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that fancy dress and the sun reflecting off that flashy watch of yours. Get in.” He gestured with his chin toward the passenger side. Moving my bag to one arm, I grabbed the handle and yanked, but the door wouldn’t open.
“Probably used to your chauffeur opening the door for you, huh?” He raised his bearded chin and lifted his shaded eyes to the heavens as if petitioning the island gods for patience. “It usually works better if you unlock it first, fancy face. The power feature is broken. You’ll have to do it manually.” His voice was a low baritone, but the insinuation was as unpleasant as his lack of manners.
I blew the humidity dampened curls out of my eyes and did as he suggested. “Why even bother to lock it?” I grumbled once I was in the seat, twisting around to grab the seatbelt.
“Because hardly anyone ever sits there,” he answered absently, glancing in the side mirror. He scanned a quick look for traffic and then pulled away from the curb.
I can certainly understand why, I thought sarcastically as I settled into my seat. He meticulously steered the vehicle around the busy shopping area alongside the dock, and I took advantage of his distraction to look him over. He wasn’t bad. Well, at least from what I could see of his face underneath his untrimmed beard, thick mustache, and long layers of unkempt midnight black hair barely contained by the ball cap. He reminded me of Pierce Brosnan. Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, to be more specific. Well, if I wanted to get really technical about it, Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in to Die Another Day after he had been captured and tortured for fourteen months by the North Koreans without the benefit of a hairstylist or a razor.
In other words…quite possibly hot.
But who could tell what was lurking under all that scrunge?
Maybe instead of Pierce Brosnan, the guy was actually Steve Buschemi. I chanced a second look to be sure…and felt a delicious, rippling heat along my spine.
Definitely not Steve Buschemi under there.

Hugging my bag to my chest, I stared out at the rolling waves and laid my forehead against one of the iron rails. It felt cool against my skin. As my thoughts drifted off on a lonely tide, I offered a prayer that while I was here I could find both the answers and the solace I sought. The sky turned light pink and then black before the rhythmic crash and gurgle of the surf eventually soothed the raging maelstrom within my heart.

I was so stinkin excited to get my hands on this book! I have loved each of the books from the Tempest series and to see a spin off just made my day. Mankin wrote another fabulous book that not only was fun to read but a little hawt! Ok, a lotta hawt!

I love to read about the older woman getting her time in the spotlight. Anna isn’t old but she isn’t the young twenty something girls running around on the pages of most the books I am reading. Me being *cough* nearly 38 *cough* I enjoy reading about the older ladies getting some romance. Makes the story more believable to me. Even with the rush to romance in this one, I was ok with it. Who am I am to say it can’t happen that quickly. Heck, I married my man after 3mths of dating. And here we are 16 years later. So, more power to Anna and her prowess ways.

Johnny took some getting used to. I was thrown off by his earlier attempt at being the nice guy after the horrible first impression he put on Anna when she arrived. But in the end I really liked him and hated what he was put through. I am hoping for better things to come for him.

I am looking forward to see where this story leads as we move on to part 2, REMEMBER ME. At this point there is no telling what could happen. But from the way FINDING ME ended it isn’t going to start out pretty. I can bet you that! Mankin, you have me hooked. 5 Stars!

A thrill shot through me at the sound of his low, entrancing voice. Though he hadn't yet touched me, I felt his delicious heat, and then the warmth of this breath as his lips hovered near the sensitive skin below my ear. "Remember me?" he whispered. 

In a lot of ways REMEMBER ME is like FINDING ME. In FINDING ME Anna is trying to find herself after leaving a husband that was unfaithful one too many times. She is trying to figure out who she is, where the old her went, and who she will become. In REMEMBER ME she has to figure out who she is after knowing Johnny Lightning for such a short, but beautiful moment in time, all while trying to reconcile with her husband once again. 

I really enjoyed this part of the series. While we didn't get the hotness and romance like we did in part one, we did get an amazing story. And it was perfect. That is what this book called for...story!! Mankin delved deeper into her Anna's character and let us get to know her a little more. And I came out of this book really feeling for her and wishing for her to find a way out of this loveless marriage and back into the arms of the man she loves.

This series is a definite must read for anyone that is looking for a quick and enthralling read. I was hooked from the start of part one and this one left me eager to dive into the next and final part. And after that ending it seems that all hell is about to break loose. I for one cannot wait. So I am off to read it and see what happens next!!!

"But I can't keep you, Johnny. What we shared was wonderful. You gave me memories I will never forget. But it was temporary. We both know that. It wasn't even the start of anything real, anything honest."
"I never lied to you."
"Sins of omission..."


KEEP ME about ruined me. Mercy!! First of all there is so, so much that happens in this short read. How Mankin got every bit of all that goodness into this book is beyond me. Lady obviously knows what she is doing. That is for darn sure. 

As I read this one I sort of took my time. I knew this was the end. I knew that once this book ended I wasn't going to get any more Anna and Johnny. So I savored my time with them. Well, for as long as I could. I am not really the patient kind of reader. So I ended up greedily taking it all in as fast as I could. I was dying to know what would happen. Would Johnny and Anna be together? What would Charles do to them even if they did decide to? He is a powerful man after all. And what about when....Ah, ah, ah. I can't give that away. Trust me; you will want to read what happens for yourself!! 

Getting to read this amazing series has started my year off on the right foot. Definitely setting the bar for some authors to compete with its goodness. I will say that I saw quite a few stories lingering between the lines with this one and some of the other characters. I am restless to know if this is something the author plans to indulge in. But I encourage you to pick up this series and immerse yourself into this beautifully crafted story of finding yourself and finding love. 5 Stars!

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Michelle Mankin is the New York Times bestselling author of the Black Cat Records series of novels. Rock Stars. Romance. Redemption.
Love Evolution, Love Revolution, and Love Resolution are a BRUTAL STRENGTH centered trilogy, combining the plot underpinnings of Shakespeare with the drama, excitement, and indisputable sexiness of the rock 'n roll industry.
Things take a bit of an edgier, once upon a time turn with the TEMPEST series. These pierced, tatted, and troubled Seattle rockers are young and on the cusp of making it big, but with serious obstacles to overcome that may prevent them from ever getting there.
Rock stars, myths, and legends collide with paranormal romance in a totally mesmerizing way in the MAGIC series.
Catch the perfect wave with irresistible surfers in the ROCK STARS, SURF AND SECOND CHANCES series.
Romance and self-discovery, the FINDING ME series is a Tempest spin off with a more experienced but familiar cast of characters.

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