February 5, 2016

5*Review: LIGHTNING SEALED by Lila Felix

Title: Lightning Sealed

Author: Lila Felix

Source: eARC from author for review


"No matter what his words conveyed, Theo would leave me soon. It was just a matter of time."

The Fray is calling Theo. Every day, the voices get louder. Every minute, he gets pulled closer. Every second, their love is tested. Their life is a constant question of who they can trust and who they can't.
Sanctum, Theo's brother and enemy, stalks them like a predator, waiting for his chance to pounce.
Theo will leave Colby soon to do what he, as the Eidolon, was born to do. He can't deny the yearning in his heart to go, but he can't find it in his heart to leave.
Colby will be left with a decision. She can wither like the mates of Eidolon before her or she can go after the Synod, the women who murdered her grandmother, while Theo is gone.
With Theo missing and Colby desperate, Sanctum is only too eager to fill in…

Lighting Sealed is Book Two in the Lucent Series.

My take...

My voice was no longer louder than those in the Fray.
Our love was only so strong – their hold was stronger.
Where to begin? I have started this review a million and one times and each time ends with me saying something that I shouldn't. Definite spoilers. Bad reviewer, Bad! So who is up for a quickie? Quickie review that is?

All those beloved (and not so beloved) characters from LIGHTNING KISSED are back and in full swing. We get lots of screen time with them all. I even started a chapter without looking to see who the POV was and I was giddy with excitement when I had to do a double take. I enjoy sneaky little POVs when I least expect them.

“How long before you leave me?” She asked the dark. I’d almost missed it, her voice was so faint.
“I will never leave you completely, meu coração. My body may be gone, but you will always hold me- anchor me here.”

It is such a delight to open a book by this author and know that you will not get the same ol', same ol'. I bore at the number of times I have picked up a book to read the blurb and see something I always see. With this series you will get a unique storyline, fun characters, and a bit of toe curling romance. *sigh*

This amazing story is well written and done to perfection. Something Felix shines at. She only wants her best work out there and it shows with her latest creation. After a great, twist filled ending the future is uncertain for everyone involved. Come fall in love with this series as I have. 5 Stars!!

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