May 14, 2016

5*Review: SHROUD OF LIES by Nancy Straight

Title: Shroud of Lies

Author: Nancy Straight

Source: ebook from author for review


Mark believes he has finally shed his destructive past. Reunited with the brother he had believed to be dead for most of his life, Mark’s life detours again when he learns of a younger sister also abandoned by their parents. Desperate to find her, Mark and Davey travel thousands of miles turning over the rocks of their past. Discovering the truth veiled behind layers of lies is daunting, but the Brewer brothers vow to leave no stone unturned. As Mark begins to peel back the layers of his past to locate his sister, he is jerked back into his criminal life and risks losing Libby and everyone he loves forever.

Old friends and enemies insert themselves in Mark’s new life; he must choose between the life luring him back and the future he desperately wants. Mark attempts to keep those he loves from being caught in the cross fire of old enemies vying for position.

My take...

Mark and Dave are in search of a sister that neither one knew existed until just recently. In fact, it was the last words to leave Oscar's lips as he breathed his final breath. But in order to find the information he needs, Mark has to dig up a past he has kept buried for many years. And it's what he unearths that could lead him straight back into his old life and smack dab into trouble.

If you thought Mark blew you away in the last book of the series, FRACTURED KARMA, just wait until you read this one. I was taken on a roller coaster ride with this book's twists, turns, and devious secrets. I delved deeper and deeper along with Mark as he was forced back to face a past he rather not touch. All for the sake of getting answers. Answers he didn't even know he was after.

Once again, I am wowed by Straight and her way on concocting a story so wonderful and so well done. The Brewer Brother's series is different from her other works, but it still has that same amazingly crafted storytelling only Straight can do. And do so well. I adored this series and look forward to more books by this talented lady. 5 Stars!

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  1. You are a gem, Mandy! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the final story in the Brewer Brothers Series!