May 19, 2016

eARC Review: PAPER PLANES AND OTHER THINGS WE LOST by Mindy Hayes & Michele G. Miller

Title: Paper Planes and Other Things We Lost

Authors: Michele G. Miller & Mindy Hayes

Source: eARC from the authors for review

Est Release Date: June 2016


On June 18, 1993, Flight 397 crashed off the coast of Long Island. But this story isn’t about the crash. Not completely.

This is a story about two high school seniors living very different lives, who share one connection: they both lost parents on that fateful flight.

Slowly, letters bridge the gap between California and Pennsylvania as Ruby Kaminski and Brett Pratt find a way to remember the past while looking toward the future.

This is a story about hope, paper planes, and the other things they lost.

My take...

I haven’t told her there’s this girl in California who makes me feel the same things she does using only words.

This book brought back sooo many memories for me and me Jr High days. I had a pen pal that to this day I am still friends with. I still talk to him regularly and share in the joys of his life, wife and child. So, when reading this book, my emotions were overwhelmed in such an amazing way. As you get older you tend to put memories of the past to the side in favor of the new ones that are happening right in front of you. But when a certain song plays, or you happen to read a book that has some similar events to your past, it brings it all flooding back. Don't you just love that feeling? Especially when it is such a wonderful memory?

It’s one thing for him to miss her. It’s another when he becomes his heartache and falls into a black hole I can’t save him from.

As for this book, I couldn't get enough of it. It was so quirky and fun, so beautiful and tragic. At just the right times it would have me smiling after reading a scene that brought tears to my eyes. Just when you thought you knew where the book was headed, it would cut you off and send you in a whole new direction. It keeps you on your toes, that’s for sure.

I hope when you read this book you fall in love with Brett and Ruby just as quickly and just as hard as I did. Both are characters that I can promise will stay with you even after the book is over and done. They become a part of you after you read all they have gone through and all they are going through. There is so much to love about them both. When they write to each other you feel the chemistry radiating off their letters. You notice the first signs of love long before they do. Ah!! I am just so giddy about this book!!!

PAPER PLANES AND OTHER THINGS WE LOST is one of those crazy, beautiful tales you don’t want to let go of even after you laid it down. It will call to you. It will bring your mind wondering back to the story and the characters, time and time again, wishing you hadn’t finished it so quickly. Definitely one of my most favorite reads of 2016. 5 Stars!

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