June 11, 2016

Interview w/Cheryl Harper #Win 2 Paperback books #BentonSigningEvent #ArkansasAuthor

Harper, along with a few other Diamond State Romance Authors, will be participating in a signing event in Benton, AR on June 18th at the Hastings on Military Road. 
You can see who all will be attending and get more infomation on the event HERE. 

Whether she’s writing, reading, or just checking the items off of her daily to-do list, small-town girl Cheryl Harper loves her romance mixed with a little laughter. When she’s not working, you will find her ignoring housework, cursing yard work, and spending way too much time with a television remote in her hand.

*What would you be doing right now if you were not an author?
Watching more television. :) I've always worked as an editor and a manager, so I'm sure my career would have continued on almost the same track.

*5 years ago: what were you doing?
I was working hard at the same place I'd been for sixteen years but doing my best to figure out how to make a change, to build a writing career. It's been nearly five years since I upended everything to do that. A city girl moving to the country is as filled with comic episodes as you'd imagine, excellent for writing inspiration.

*Do you have a certain writing ritual?
Not really, but there is always, always, always a Diet Coke close at hand.

*What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author?
I want to write happy, funny characters who are awesome and awesome to each other. The problem with that is that there's not much incentive to keep reading. I have worked with a very patient editor who has coached me into going deeper, which makes the happy ending so much more rewarding.

*Ever fangirled over another author? Who was it?
All. The. Time. My fangirling is mainly very quiet screaming on the inside, but I do remember watching Eloisa James across the room until my editor led me over to make the introductions. I love her books.

*Is there an author you'd like to meet?
I've met her at book signings, but I'd love to meet again and again Jayne Ann Krentz. She's been my favorite ever since I stalked used bookstores as a girl and found Amanda Quick historicals.

*Biggest writing pet peeve?
 Pretty much the middle of every book I've ever written. In the beginning, I'm pumped because of the new idea. At the end, the words are flowing because I know where I'm going. The middle is all circles and circles and circles, like finding my way in a new city.

* Do you read other's reviews of your books?
 Yes, but it's not a great idea. If it's bad, I'm done for the day. If it's good, I have to refocus on the hard work of the middle and all those circles. I have finally broken my Goodreads fascination.

Fav Color: Blue

Fictional Character you'd like to spend the day with: Hermione Granger. I'm pretty sure we could be besties unless the competition to be first made us frenemies instead. We could go to the library and read. 

Fav food: Pizza. All of it. 

Fav song and/or singer: Right now, I love every Old Dominion song that plays, but "Break Up With Him" is so fun to sing.

Guilty pleasure: Puffy Cheetos. No nutritional value, all great taste, but it's impossible to hide the evidence because the orange fingers are a dead giveaway.

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Here are the 2 books you could win!! 

Back in high school, Sarah Hillman was a rich girl who protected herself by always being on the attack. Now her father's skipped town, the money's gone and she's sleeping in her office. Too bad the only person she can turn to has every reason to reject her. 
Will Barnes isn't a gangly math nerd anymore. He's a financial advisor and a father, and when Sarah shows up in his office, he threatens to kick her out. And yet, Will agrees to help. But if Sarah falls for this kind, strong man, she'll have to stay in Holly Heights, a town where everyone knows her…and hates her.

Whether it’s the equipment contract for the biggest college football program in the state of Texas or the championship coach who got away, Nina Montrose refuses to be defeated. Being a winner comes with perks, but Coach Jack Ford wants something more than a fat paycheck, fancy parties, and big house. He’s moved to small-town Lincoln to do what he loves: teach kids. He’s seen firsthand how sports programs can change lives. Nina had them at “I Do” but Jack walked away. When she blows into town with one last play, sonogram in hand, they’re going to have to find a way they both can win.


  1. I love cheese, tomatoes and onion on my pizza :)

  2. My favorite toppings are pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers. :)