September 27, 2016

5*Review: FIT FOR LOVE by Brinda Berry #NowLive


Author: Brinda Berry

Source: eARC from author for review


Fitness Trainer. Bartender. Fake fiancé.

I didn't plan to fall for her. One minute I'm kissing a stranger on New Year's Eve and the next I'm engaged. It's only a misunderstanding, but I'll take advantage of this unexpected gift. A convenient fake engagement is just what the doctor ordered for my dying grandmother.
Songwriter Makenna Ross is the hottest woman I've ever met, and she's been strumming at my heartstrings from our very first kiss. And her little boy? He's stolen my affection, too.

When Makenna's ex-boyfriend hears of our engagement, the lie grows bigger. Bolder. Realer. Yeah, yeah. I majored in physiology, not English.

There's something she's not telling me. The harder I chase, the faster she runs. She's perfect for me, if she'll let her guard down and let go of her past.
This is my chance to have everything I ever wanted.

I'm Aiden Alesini, and I'll do whatever it takes to win her love.

My take...

All it takes is one sweet old lady laying on her deathbed and somehow Makenna finds herself newly engaged. How the heck does this even happen? But soon she discovers that she is falling for this guy she barely knows. And Aiden feels the same. Will Makenna's past and her present keep the two from finding a future that is obviously meant to be?

Once again, Berry creates a story that pulled me in from the start and had me immediately falling in love with Aiden and Makenna. Their story is sweet and unique, but Makenna's past keeps jumping in the way. She really does try to get over the guilt that she has carried for so long to see if this will work between the two of them and Aiden does all he can to break down her walls. He is one of the good guys and you hate to see him lose out on something that could be absolutely amazing.

Berry is one of those authors that I am so very glad I found. I think it started with a signing but ended with me becoming totally infatuated with her books and writing. I cannot get enough of her words and the characters she writes about. Never have I read one of her books and thought it to be a waste of my time. I absolutely inhale them.

Sexy, swoony and utterly brilliant…this book has everything. A plot that pulled at me when I wasn’t reading, romance that made my heart flutter, and characters that became fast friends. 5 Stars!!

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