July 26, 2017

5*Review: SPIED by JM Miller #SummerRead #FunRead #MustRead

Title: SPIED

Author: JM Miller

Source: eBook from author for review


Gia Keats works both sides of love’s dirty business. Some days are spent at Silhouette Bridal Boutique, helping brides prepare for their delusional walk to happily ever after. Other days she clocks hours for Duplicity, spying on cheaters and crushing their plans for future trysts. The two jobs are a solid reminder to ignore the dead thing inside her chest and to stay out of love’s sight. She never expected to get caught.

Love is also pretty far down on Mark Foster’s priority list. The closest thing he’s had to a relationship was two nights with a hottie tourist looking for an unforgettable vacation bang. But after he catches a gorgeous local spying on a public make-out session, his sour view of long-term turns a little sweet. He’ll even ignore the odd coincidences that follow her for a taste of the L word.

Falling for Mark’s charm would be easier than choosing a single item from a dessert menu, but Gia knows love’s never that simple.
When an anonymous Duplicity client hires her to target a Silhouette bride and groom, both sides of the business collide.
And Mark’s ties to the bride are the icing on the screwed up cake.

My take...

I am so behind on this review. And the only things I have to blame it on is summer and a very needy 2yr old. Because one thing is for sure…it certainly wasn't the book's fault. Oh no. This book was so much fun, very steamy, and a lot of mysterious. It had characters that I clung to from the start and a plot that kept me hooked the whole time. Yep, this book had it all.

Seriously. This book was so much fun. I loved Gia and the predicaments she constantly found herself in with her job. The Duplicity job, not the family bridal store she also works at. And it all starts after meeting Mark. Always priding herself for being professional and getting the job done, things can't help but go awry after their first meeting. She can't seem to think straight when it comes to him; putting her business and her future at stake.

Mark is very charming and definitely brings the steam to the story. I adored him the whole book and loved how he absolutely flustered Gia multiple times throughout. These two are fabulous together. Absolutely fabulous.

The mystery surrounding the job that Gia takes on really had me guessing. I really wanted it all to work out for the good of the characters, but I also wouldn't have minded seeing it go south either. I have a heart, it's just that I enjoy a little turmoil and drama in my reads. And in the end, I got to thinking how great it would be to see a story emerge from another character and her new connection with Duplicity. A series? I can only hope.

Add this book to your TBR list for the summer and quickly!! Summer is halfway over. I can promise you will enjoy it with no regrets. I know I did. Plus, this author is amazing with her ability to write in so many genres...makes for interesting reads that never bore. So go ahead and pick up her other works as well. 5 Witty, Charming, Intriguing Stars!

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