November 29, 2017

5*Review: FREQUENCY by Casey L Bond #MustRead


Author: Casey L Bond

Source: KU


When the Infected attacked, something horrific happened to Porschia Grant. Porschia in Frenzy was scary; Porschia with hallucinations is terrifying. There has to be a reason, and there must be a cure for the episodes refusing to release her from their tentacles of insanity.
Saul is in the center of the city surrounded by secrets–some are damning, some are eye opening—others might just offer hope and be worth fighting for. How can a person justify the possibility of infecting another human being? What might the humans and night-walkers lose if he doesn’t take the chance?
The decisions made, and the lies uncovered, will shock everyone in and around Blackwater, and they just might spark a revolution.
Everything emits a sound… and hunger is deafening… horrible.

My take…

I am absolutely  in love with this series, and this book just up’d my eternal love for the series to the next level. I honestly didn’t think I could love it any more than I already did. But so much happens with everyone, not just Porschia, all throughout the book. There was just so much to take in: secrets, romance, change! So much change!!

Even though it seems like the series is coming to a close with FREQUENCY, there is still 3 more books left in the series with a lot that still needs to be told. And with 3 books left, that leaves a lot of time for stuff to go wrong. I am eager to start the next book and see what else is going to happen. I only hope that my heart can take it. I fear heartbreak my be around the next corner...or page.

FREQUENCY delivered more fabulous writing from Bond and another intriguing plot that had me once again at the edge of my seat. I cannot say enough good things about this series. It is definitely a must read!! Another 5 Stars!!

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