January 30, 2018

5*Review: ALL THE STARS IN THE SKY by Sarah Lyons Fleming

Title: All the Stars in the Sky

Author: Sarah Lyons Fleming 

Source: eBook from author for honest review



Cassie Forrest has sworn she’ll never let the world get the best of her again.
She’s chosen to believe everything will be all right.

But on a journey filled with heartbreak and madness and zombies, Cassie and her friends must struggle to stay alive—and it’s hard to believe in a future when survival seems unlikely.

My take…

It isn’t easy to be optimistic when you have thousands of of unknown miles ahead of you and an army of zombies at your heels. Especially when the road you’ve been traveling for hours is barren of all life-except the undead, of course. If I hadn’t promised to believe everything will be all right, I might consider jerking the steering wheel out of Peter’s hands and sending us all into a tree. It may be unlikely we’ll get to Alaska but I won’t be the one to say it.

The Golden Rule of the zom apoc is no one is safe. At least it should be that. We learned this in the second book, AND AFTER, all too well. We learn it again in this one.

With what remains of their family, they head off in search of a sanctuary with what meager belongings they have. They set off to travel over 4000 miles to Alaska in hopes of a better life. But they will have to wrestle their grief of losing loved ones, Lexers by the hundreds, and some not so nice humans.

This was an insane journey. One I am absolutely certain I would not have survived. Very obvious if you know me. I likes my food. But seriously. They endured so much and it nearly broke them. Nearly. But they are stronger than the obstacles they faced.

When I started this series I had asked for recommendations of a zombie read with romance. And I have to tell you I am not disappointed with this one. Not one bit. Although the romance is not all encompassing at every turn, it was there and it was perfectly done. Never would I have thought who Cassie ended up with. But like I said...it was perfect. Every. Single. Word. 5 Stars!

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