March 28, 2018

5*Review: THE RULES OF REBELLION by Amity Hope #comingsoon


Author: Amity Hope

Source: eARC from author for review


1. Skinny dip (her idea)
2. Stargaze (his idea)
3. Prank someone (her idea)
4. Go on a date (his idea)

Leo Zimmerman has had a crush on his curvy friend Kylie Jenkins since forever, so when he discovers the girl with a flair for candy making has a newfound plan to rebel against her overbearing parents, he’s determined to be the one to help her carry it out. Who better than himself to show her the ropes of letting loose?

Sure, taking her to her first high school party, helping her sneak out of the house, or watching a sunset together isn’t exactly a hardship, but much harder is masking his feelings the more time they spend together. And when he suggests adding “a first date” to Kylie’s plan and she accepts…suddenly all his dreams seem to be coming true.

But Leo’s got a secret that could change everything between them, and it’s only a matter of time before it comes to the surface.

My take...

I was pulled into this book from the moment I started it until the very end. It was such a great, quick read that had some pretty endearing characters. Even a couple from the last book made several appearances. But Leo and Kylie stole the show in their own story with their amusing and sweet spirits. I absolutely loved them and they were fun to get to know throughout the book. 

If you have read any of Hope’s books you know that she is an amazing author with a heart for YA romance. With each and every book I have read by her, I fall deeper in love with the story, the characters, and her knack for bringing you fully into the story as if you are a part of it all. All her books are well written and beautifully told. This one was no different. I always look forward to her books and what story she is going to tell next. I know I will love it and always do. 

The story has this “TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU” vibe going on. Just less angsty. But very swoony. With Kylie’s parents being so strict about their daughters’ dating life, you will understand why I got that vibe. And seeing Kylie go after a little rebellion, makes you think of Julia Stiles' character in the movie. Being a huge fan of the movie, I was loving this book so very much. 

Wonderful, light-hearted story that pulls you in, THE RULES OF REBELLION is a must read that is full of sweet romance and fun times. 5 Stars!

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