July 13, 2018

5*Review: AVENGE THE HEART by Michele G Miller #HavenwoodFallsHigh

Title: Avenge the Heart

Author: Michele G Miller

Source: eARC from author


Welcome to Havenwood Falls, a small town in the majestic mountains of Colorado. A town where legacies began centuries ago, bloodlines run deep, and dark secrets abound. A town where nobody is what you think, where truths pose as lies, and where myths blend with reality. A place where everyone has a story. Including the high schoolers. This is only but one… 

The sequel to Awaken the Soul, this novella continues the story of Breckin and Vivienne, whose hearts and souls are once again on the line. 

Nearly dying, being stalked by a reaper, and finding her soulmate, all before Christmas, were not items on Vivienne Freeman’s senior year bucket list. Now that Vivienne's survived December, Breckin Roberts decides they've had enough excitement for one year. As January rolls around, he is determined they finish out their school year like normal teens. Except there’s nothing normal about these two. 

When Vivienne’s supernatural abilities manifest, Breckin questions whether the changes are due to their soul bond, his healing her, or something more. They turn to Elias for answers only to discover there’s an entire history connecting their families they knew nothing about. 

As the fallen descend on Havenwood Falls, Vivienne and Breckin are caught in a fight bigger than themselves. They must unravel the secrets and avenge the heart before any chance of redemption is lost forever. 

This is a Young Adult paranormal tale in the Havenwood Falls High series of Young Adult fantasy stories featuring a variety of supernatural creatures. The series is a collaborative effort by multiple authors. Each book is generally a stand-alone, so you can read them in any order, although some authors will be writing sequels to their own stories. Please be aware when you choose your next read.

My take...

“You don’t understand. I’m not willing to give this up. This laughter, this light. I didn’t know what I was missing until my soul found yours.” I close my eyes. God, that is so cliché. So trite, but how else do I convey the difference having her makes? 

I have been looking forward to getting more of Breckin and Vivienne ever since I first met them. I knew their story wasn’t done. Thankfully Miller knew this as well and was able to give us more romance and more intrigue.

This story was so amazing and packed full of emotion and absolute goodness. Yes, so much freaking stuff happens. Questions we were left with in the first book do get answered. But then there is the new revelations that leave us shocked and in need of more answers. Thankfully those get answered at the end. And let’s not forget the romance that was perfectly placed throughout and sweetly written. *swoon* All of this and more, brought together in one extraordinary read that stole my heart once again. I honestly could not put this book down until I was done. It kept me glued to the pages. 

And I think I may love Breck and Viv even more after this one. How that is possible, I have no idea. But I was so pleased with everything that I had a perma grin on my face nearly the entire read. There were some parts that had me worried but I knew that it would end well. It just had to. 

Not sure what else I can say, because if you are anything like me, you were eagerly awaiting the release of this book because AWAKEN THE SOUL was so beautifully done and left a fire in your soul for more. Magical in every way, AVENGE THE HEART was everything. 5 Stars!

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