July 10, 2018

Now Live: THE ACCIDENTALS by Sarina Bowen #5StarReview

A YA novel from USA Today bestselling author Sarina Bowen.

Never ask a question unless you’re sure you want the truth.

I’ve been listening to my father sing for my whole life. I carry him in my pocket on my mp3 player. It’s just that we’ve never met face to face.
My mother would never tell me how I came to be, or why my rock star father and I have never met. I thought it was her only secret. I was wrong.
When she dies, he finally appears. Suddenly I have a first class ticket into my father’s exclusive world. A world I don’t want any part of – not at this cost. 
Only three things keep me going: my a cappella singing group, a swoony blue-eyed boy named Jake, and the burning questions in my soul.
There’s a secret shame that comes from being an unwanted child. It drags me down, and puts distance between me and the boy I love.
My father is the only one alive who knows my history. I need the truth, even if it scares me.


I close my laptop, feeling irritable. Somewhere there’s a boy named Jake standing on a beach in Massachusetts and waiting for a star to explode. I have a picture of him in my mind, staring up at the sky, his hands jammed in his pockets.
My subconscious has made him cute, in a harmless kind of way. With sandy hair and blue eyes. I could probably find a social media account with pictures of him. But I don’t think I will. It’s more fun not knowing. 

I was super excited to read Bowen’s first YA book. And it was such a fantastic read. A read that held my attention throughout the whole story. I hated putting it down, but loved picking it back up. 

Rachel was a hard girl to get a grip on. I adored her but there were times I needed her to express her feelings a little better than how she was going about it. But she grew on me and in the end I loved her. 

I see what Bowen meant when she said this wasn’t a romance but it has romance in it. And it was done perfectly so. I loved every bit of it and could definitely see myself doing a re-read of it. Or even better yet, how about Bowen add another book and make this bad boy a series. 

A fun read...an emotional read...a gut me to the core read. THE ACCIDENTALS was a page turner that could have went on forever and I would have been perfectly ok with it. 5 Stars!

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