August 15, 2018

Review: SAVE ME by Etie Hunter & TK Xavier

Title: SAVE ME

Authors: Etie Hunter & TKXavier

Source: KU on Kindle


Iona is huddled over a crumpled body in an even further crumbling city, unsure if her counterpart is breathing. Bullet fire rings out around her, but she ignores it. How did she find herself here? How on earth was it just a few short weeks ago that she was watching a play at her old high school? So much has changed since then, she hardly recognizes herself. For the first time in months, it suddenly dawns on her that she may be alone again. Winter is here and she doesn’t have the skills to survive alone.
Hands are on her, pulling her away from her crumpled companion. Her vision blurs and the world around her is silent. It’s never silent.

My take…

( I round to the next highest star when leaving reviews )

I really enjoyed this book and wanted to love it but there was some grammar issues, some formatting issues, and even a scene that was just too convenient for me to believe. Then there is the whole thing about the next book. I cannot find the authors on social media to even find out if there will be a second book. It is rather odd actually.

The story was really good and I liked how the beginning of the end came. And I really liked how we saw it all take place through Iona’s eyes at the start. The authors did a great job building the relationship between her and Shaw. I adored them both and rooted for them to fall for each other. And to make it quick...this is the apocalypse after all.

But I did have a couple problems. One was when the characters stated they were going east a lot when I think they were really going west. That bugged me. Then there was the formatting issue that would combine words all throughout the book. it was annoying more than anything, but I powered through it once I realized what was happening. Another irk was how a certain character came to be in the end. How? What? Made no sense. Seemed a bit too convenient.

All in all it was good. Would love to know if they plan to write a second book. But I give this one a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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