November 18, 2018

Now Live: THE REIGNING AND THE RULE by Calia Read #5Stars


Author: Calia Read

Source: eARC for honest review


Étienne Lacroix and I had a fire I thought would never die.
Our love was timeless.
An irreversible decision sent me back to the present day with a family I barely recognize, but I am determined to find a way back to Étienne.
I can survive time. But I can’t survive life without him.
Time bends to no one’s demands, so I must fight with everything I have to return to the past. However, I am terrified that the past I once knew might not look the same, and the man who once called me his surviving trace will no longer be waiting for me.

Time bends to no one’s demands but sometimes love does…

My take…

The world wouldn’t understand. The only two people in this world who understand are Serene and me. And I might have lost her permanently.

We pick up from where we last left off with Serene back in her time and not knowing what happened with Étienne after she disappeared. But one thing is certain....She wasn’t supposed to survive. So how did she? Not only that, but how can she possibly survive without Étienne. Doing whatever it takes to get back to him and learning who she is with her new family, Serene is struggling to pick up the pieces in this new life of hers. If and when she does make it back to him, is she going to like what she finds? Time has passed and life tends to move on with or without us.

Time has made us it's playthings, and there is no way to escape its clutches. We merely have to hold on and hope it doesn’t destroy us.

Our favorite, feisty redhead knows how to spar with her words when she finds herself cornered in any situation and is never one to back down. These new friends and foes won’t know what to make of her. While some will find her intriguing others will see her as a threat. But Serene is always fast on her feet. And sometimes she is putting those feet right into her mouth. That’s one of the reasons why we all love her so much.

I had so many emotions with this book. I experienced absolute heartbreak and tears of happiness. There was heart pounding fear and gut wrenching hurt. Many moments had me laughing out loud, only to soon find myself wiping away a few tears. Without a shadow of a doubt, Read did an amazing job with this story. I was worried I wouldn’t have the same need to go back and read pieces like I did THE SURVIVING TRACE. But I still clung to this book and immediately searched out several scenes to keep them fresh in my mind and to ponder on. One thing is for sure, you have to pay attention to everything that is happening in these books.

Cannot wait to read more from this fabulous series. I cannot get enough of the romance, the intrigue and the mystery of time. But after another incredible, heart stopping ending...I am not sure I can handle another wait!! So please hurry!! 5 brilliant and breathtaking Stars!

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