January 26, 2020

5 Star Review: FIRST CONTACT (A FIRST 30 DAYS Bonus Chapter) by Lora Powell

Title: FIRST CONTACT (A FIRST 30 DAYS Bonus Chapter)

Author: Lora Powell

Source: KU



There aren’t any actual monsters in the dark. At least, not the kind of monsters that scared children imagine as they huddled under their blankets. That’s what Shawn told himself.

But Shawn is about to find out that the reality that has comforted him since childhood is subject to change.

Zombies are real, and Shawn’s about to come eye to eye with one of them.

He’s just a guy with a borrowed baseball bat, trying to figure out how to get home. With the help of a new friend, maybe he might make it out without becoming one of the monsters himself.

My take...

Great, quick bonus chapter for THE FIRST 30 DAYS. We get a smidge of how it all began for Shawn. Just enough to keep me happy after finishing the main book. I really hope the author continues on with more of this world. I need more!!

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