June 20, 2020


Title: The Necromancer's Library 

Author: JL Bryan

Source: eARC from author for honest review


The antebellum mansion sits isolated in the overgrown countryside like a forgotten temple. Within it lie the dark, twisting paths of a private library possessing secrets from across the ages. The collection of ancient and medieval occult manuscripts tell of conjuring spirits and raising the dead, of making contact with supernatural realms and beings usually forbidden to living mortals.

The house's recently deceased owner was a reclusive former professor who transformed his home into a great library, but his desire for hidden knowledge and arcane power may have led him into madness, even death.

Disturbing specters now haunt the new occupants of the house, who turn to paranormal investigator Ellie Jordan for help. Ellie must unravel the mysteries of the occult library before she can banish its ghosts and make the house safe again for the living.

My take...

Once again Bryan proves, with his 12th Ellie Jordan book, that he could keep the stories unique and coming forever. Ellie and Stacey find themselves in an old library with stories that rival the most fearsome of ghost tales.

I am one of those that love a good zombie story and never gets too scared. But guys, this one freaked me the freak out. All his books do. This one seemed to really get to me. Maybe it has been a minute since I read the last book of this series and my mind forgot that Bryan gets a little dark with these books. But yeah, it was awesome and I absolutely recommend it. 5 Stars!

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