April 11, 2012

Review: Enter at Your Own Risk by Mireille Chester

Title: Enter at Your Own Risk

Author: Mireille Chester

Enter at Your Own Risk’ is another of my short stories inspired by a Facebook status. It’s amazing where your imagination can take you when given the right tidbits to play with.

Every year since they were ten, Mi and her friends have been going to the fall fair and this year is no exception; that is until they step foot into the haunted house. Suddenly, the small group is fighting for their lives against evils they’d never have thought truly existed. In their darkest moment, when all hope has been lost, Mi will lose friends she thought she’d always have and find that not everyone in her life is who they seem to be.
My take...
Mi and her friends think they are off for a fun time at the local fair to celebrate Mi's birthday. But what they don't realize is that a 150 year old curse is about to alter their lives forever. Old friends and old flames will all have to work together to be sure they make it out of the haunted house alive.
Mireille has done it again. She has taken those hilarious facebook statuses and made it into another awesome short story. And I am not just saying that cause I am in the story. Dude I am a flippin cry baby throughout the entire book. Actually I think I even cried out for my mommy once. I was pretty much useless. If it wasn’t for Shelly Crane I probably would have died most likely. I was definitely mental hospital material come the end of the book. Come to think of it, do  you even like me Mireille? Eh?
I love that some of my favorite authors are mentioned in the book. Besides Mi and Shelly, we get Nichole Chase too. Enter at Your Own Risk is a really good read that’s sorta sad and even a tad bit funny at times. With this being a short story you will fly through it eager to see who all survives to make it out alive and who gets peed on. ;)

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