April 21, 2012

Review: Katrina, The Beginning by Elizabeth Loraine

Title: Katrina, The Beginning

Author: Elizabeth Loraine

Source: ebook from author for review

The High Regent has called members of each royal vampire family to council. Katrina Von Dracek wonders what this will mean to her.

Does the council really intend to start a new coven in the Americans or is there something else?

All Katrina's vampire senses tell her evil is around them and that she will be the one called upon to save them all.

My take...
Katrina and her father are traveling far from home for the royal families to gather. But just before they are to arrive, they are ambushed. Thankfully Katrina and her father are ok. But who is attacking them; what do they want? And with all the rumors floating around about the High Regent stepping down and Katrina's father a possible candidate to take over, was the attack related? So many questions will arise and secrets will surface in this meeting of the royal families. And Katrina will be one of the only people who will be able to figure out what it all means…well she does get a little help from some new friends.
Katrina takes us back to a time when vampires are born, and if you’re a made vampire you’re rouge and unstable. Back to a time when humans are in the dark of the vampires, except for the human Watchers who protect them. Katrina takes us back to a time when vampires are vampires.
I really enjoyed Katrina and all her new friends she meets when the families gather together for council meetings. Together they learn of their special abilities and the amazing things they can do when they come together. There is not one weak female of the bunch. Each fiercely loyal to the other with bonds stronger than real sisters.
Also there is a love triangle between Katrina, Quinn and Damien. I was leaning more towards Quinn through the first half of the book, although Damien was a charmer and a sweet talker. With both men having different qualities, it was hard to choose who would be the right person for Katrina.
A fun read, even with some minor typos, I look forward to more of this series. Katrina leaves you thirsting to find out what will become of the royal vampires and their handsome Watchers.

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