August 29, 2012

FanFic 5: Interview with Fanfic Author Meredith King (aka CutestKidsMom)

I have a few friends that are into Fanfic and some who write it. So today I start a new post on the blog called FanFic 5 where I ask a Fanfic author 5 questions and leave you with the links to get in touch with them.
Today's guest is my good twifriend Meredith King aka CutestKidsMom.

What got you into writing fanfic? I always wanted to write, my whole life I dabbled. I just was never able to get my thoughts right. I lacked a passion for a certain topic. I got bored easily. Than, like millions of people I fell in love with Twilight.   I knew about FanFictions but never took an interest in it. Until my friends starting telling me to read them. I got hooked! It was a Twiobsessed persons dream come true. The more I read the more my imagination got away with me. The next thing I knew I was jotting down ideas left and right. My whole mind and body felt alive. Writing Fanfic became my therapy. It was my escape. 

What are some of your favorite books and/or authors? Well, I LOVE Nicholas Sparks, he is for sure my coming out author, he made me fall in love with reading again. The Notebook was the most beautiful story I had ever read. I of course love all the Fifty Shades Of Grey books, E.L. James opened so many doors for readers and writers alike. Sylvia Day is just as if not better then E.L James. Bared To You was consuming and makes me desperate to read the rest of The Crossfire series. Also Jodi Picoult is entrancing, House Rules is by far one of my favorite books. J.R. Ward hooked me with her Black Dagger Brotherhood books and always leaves me wanting more from her! Right now those are my favorites!

Do you go by an outline? Or is this something you play by ear? Interesting and very good question... I ALWAYS have a rough outline, however many times I have begun writing something half way through the ending has changed in my mind about a hundred times. I like to have an idea before I begin, going into it blind wouldn't work for me.

What is your dream cast for your fanfic? For Bare All which is posting right now on Fanfiction, hmm. That's tricky naturally I see Rob and Kristen as my Edward and Bella, but I am a realist, if I couldn't get them. I could see Edward played by Ryan Gosling (HEAVEN) Bella played by Emmy Rossum. In my mind that is as far as I can cast. Rose, Carlisle all of them that would be tricky.

Give us a blurb for your story... the synopsis for Bare All on FF reads : Money is power, even if you don't want it. Bella finds herself in this situation after her Gran leaves her a large inheritance. She tries to do right with it and help a friend's dream come true. But will this investment be more than she bargained for?
It is naturally a lot more than that. Bella is strong and newly rich, she is a writer for The Seattle Times, and she is smart and beautiful. Edward is a somewhat broken man, he has serious daddy issies and for good reason. He wears his pain all over his body with his tattoos. He trusts only his sister and questions almost everything out there and everyone. Love is not a friend to him, and meeting Bella and finding out the connection she has between him and his dad tears him apart. Its a finding yourself story, it's learning to trust and believing in love. Edward's a bad boy though and Bella is a fierce woman. It gets hot!

My link for Bare All on Fanfiction is

My Fanfiction page for me

I am also on twitter @Cutestkidsmom

And I have a facebook group devoted to my FF

Coming soon from Meredith...

I always like planning ahead and with my mind being full of ideas I also have another fic posting after the completion of Bare All. It will be called Happenstance.

It is completely different from Bare All.

Blurb:  California rich girl Isabella Swan has lived her whole life in the care of her godfather Aro Volturi. By chance she applies for an internship in NYC for Senator Cullen. She gets accepted and heads to the East Coast. Little does she know the darkness she leaves and the light she embraces will be collision course for disaster.

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