September 7, 2012

Keystone Blog Tour: Top 10 Character Interview {PLUS Give@ways}

Today on the blog tour we have Garrett and Nalena participating in my TOP 10 interview. I want to send a HUGE shout out to Misty Provencher for doing this (and not calling me at 7am anymore.) Sheesh, stalker much Misty? :) I am so just teasing! I love this lady lots and think the world of her.

It’s true- Mandy’s at the top of my Top Ten list of Book Bloggers.  I met her early on, after publishing Cornerstone and couldn’t have asked for a more helpful or more generous blogger friend.  She’s a champion of the Indies, has solid reviews and interesting top ten lists and she’s an awesome person all the way around.  I’m totally honored to be here!

1. favorite movie
Nalena: You want to take this one?  Garrett: I don’t know…I don’t watch a whole lot of movies.  What was one of those that we watched together?  Those were my favorites.  Nalena: One?  We watched a couple, but I don’t even remember what they were about.  I was too busy kissing you.  Garrett:  Oh yeah, (smiles) that’s right. That’s why they’re my favorites.

2. One book you could read over and over again?
Garrett: I just finished Brave New World.  Nalena: You were reading that for your English final.  I don’t think it counts.  Garrett: I still liked it. It’s a good reminder.

3. Who would you like to meet (dead or alive)?
Nalena:  God.  Garrett:  Hey, good answer. I think it’d be cool to meet the first Contego or the first Veritas.  Nalena: (laughs) Which came first?  The Alo or the Addo?

4. favorite song or singer 
Nalena: I like the oldies.  My mom loved Billy Joel.  Garrett:  Rebel, Rebel!  Nalena: Very funny!  He’s only saying that because it’s what he calls me!  Garrett: (shrugs) I love rebels.

5. One place you would love to visit? 
Garrett: Everywhere.  Any place you wouldn’t want to visit?  Nalena: No caves or anyplace claustrophobic.  Garrett: Yeah, she’s not crazy about tight places, but I still think I could change your mind with a coral cavern or a stalactite cave.  Nalena: Would you be there?  Garrett: Of course.  Nalena: Ok, I’d go.

6. Guilty pleasure?  
Garrett: I know Nali’s.  Nalena: Oh really?  Garrett:  Homemade cookies. I remember a certain incident at the Addo’s house…   Nalena:  Okay, okay. You’re right.  But I know your guilty pleasure too.  Garrett: Do you now?  Nalena: Vanilla-almond lip gloss.  Garrett:  I think it’s got more to do with who is wearing it.

7 Pet peeve?  
Nalena: (blushes) Pass.  Garrett: (lighting up)  What is it?  Now you’ve got to tell me.  Nalena: It has to do with the first time I was at your house.  Garrett: First time? A million things happened the first time you were at my house. Was it having Mark bludgeon you with his Hacky Sack? Nalena: Nope.  Garrett:  Tea parties with Boodles?  Nalena: Nope.  Garrett: Potatoes?  Nalena: No. Wait. What’s your pet peeve?  Garrett: It’s when Nali won’t tell me hers!

8. Favorite food? 
Garrett: Do you remember?  Nalena:  Of course I do.  Mexican. (smiles) Both of us.

9. One thing you cannot leave the house without?  
Nalena: My duct tape claw!  Garrett: Definitely.  Nalena:  What’s yours?  What couldn’t you leave the house without?  Garrett:  You.  Nalena:  Awww…

10. hobby?  
Garrett: (laughs) Making cookies for Nali to gobble down.  Nalena: Oh my gosh!  She’s asking us serious questions!  Garrett: Okay…wrestling, running, sports. Music, books, living.  Nalena: Living. I like that. That’s my hobby too.  Let’s keep doing that.  

How adorable are these two?? So stinkin adorable!!
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  1. What a fun interview! Those two are so cute together! But I need to know Nali's pet peeve!

  2. thanks for the giveaway i hope i did them right

  3. Do I get extra points for remembering Nali's pet peeve?! I'm just kidding! I loved this interview... I just finished the book (oh, okay, I finished it like a week ago and devoured Keystone right after, but same thing!) so I was trolling the blog tour for goodies :)

    Holy great giveaways, Batman!!!