September 6, 2012

Revolution Blog Tour: Character Interview with Merrick & Sherry

Today we have my favorite fictional guy ever on the blog and his lovely leading lady. Please welcome Merrick and Sherry! 
(Guys this is like the cutest character interview)

 "Merrick, just sit down, babe!" I told him and yanked on his arm to make him sit. He sighed in embarrassment when Mandy walked in right at that moment. He hated to be put on the spot. I whispered, "It's fine. Relax."
"I'm fine, it's just we don't know if she's really here to help us or not. I've got a bad feeling..."

"Mandy is super sweet! Relax! I can tell if she's lying right?"

We both looked up to find Mandy standing over us. She had a slight scowl on her face. "Are you done plotting yet?"
"Not plotting," I said with a sweet smile. "Just making sure you're not on their side."
Mandy 'pffted' and smirked at Merrick. "Are you on their side? I didn't think so," she said without waiting for his answer. "Then I'm not either." She sat down across from him and batted her eyelashes a little. "So, let's get started with the questions, if that's ok."
"Sure," I said wryly. She never even looked my way. Merrick smiled at me before turning and smiling at her. I thought her jaw was going to hit the floor.

* Favorite food...before the Lighters came?
Sherry - Lasagna with extra cheese
Merrick - Well...I'd never eaten anything I'd have to go on just what I'd seen other people eat and what looked most appealing. I'd say pancakes.

* Least favorite food since the Lighters came?
Sherry - Rice and beans
Merrick - Rice and beans *chuckles*

* Let's say you get 5 mins to yourself, without fear of an ambush...guilty pleasure you like to partake in? Mind out of the gutter Merrick!
Sherry - *Laughs at Merrick* Um...I think a nice, long, scalding, fluff and bubbles green apple bath.
Merrick - *Grins* Since I can't say to join Sherry *Gets elbowed and laughs* I'd say read a book. I've never been able to do that.

* The one tv show you would love to see again?
Sherry - Oh, my gosh ! I miss House so much! *Mandy does not break Sherry's heart and tell her that House no longer airs*
Merrick - Well, Danny used to watch a lot of CSI and NCIS. Those were pretty interesting.

* Sherry, picture this...the Lighters are gone, life is back to normal and you are no longer living in an underground bunker...hand wash dishes or buy a dishwasher?
Sherry - A freaking DISHWASHER that gleams like a shiny new car!!! *Laughs*
Merrick - What she said. *Smiles at Sherry with adoration*

* One thing from living on the run that you could do without ever, ever again?
Sherry - Stockpiling food. It's sucks so bad. Going on runs, cooking so much food all the time... Blech.
Merrick - Having to worry about being walked in on at any moment.... *Grins at Sherry and ignores Mandy's raised eyebrow*

* Ok Merrick, the question all the ladies want to know...does the tattoo stay?
Merrick - Yeah. It's ugly, but it's kind of grown on me. *Smiles and Mandy's pen falls to the floor.*
Sherry - It's growing on me, too.

"Uh...thanks for stopping by," Mandy squeaked. She pulled on the collar of her shirt and smiled at Merrick. "Really."
"No problem," Merrick said and practically dragged me from the room. I yelled thanks over my shoulder as we headed back to the bunker.

Right?? Oh My Gosh!! I just loved it. Hope you enjoyed it too!!!

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  1. Great interview. I loved this series!

  2. I need to catch up on this series. I loved Merrick!