November 2, 2012

Top 10 with Author Shawn Underhill {All Things Different}

Today we have Author Shawn Underhill on the blog participating in my Top 10.

1. fav song/singer? It changes. This week I’m in the mood for Linkin park.

2. fav season? Fall.

3. worst vacation? Helping my brother pack and move across country.

4. guilty pleasure? Playing video games, watching Bigfoot/Loch Ness Monster/Paranormal shows. Total waste of time, but so fun.

5. fav book and/or author? I can’t pick just one. Let’s say Great Expectations.

6. one item you cannot live without? My laptop. She misses me when I’m away, and I miss her.

7. hobby? Fanatical Motocross/Supercross/dirt bike fan.

8. fav movie/actor/actress? Anthony Hopkins

9. fav food? Italian.

10. who would you like to meet? (dead or alive?) Justin Timberlake!!! No, just kidding. Anyone cool and or smart and or worthy of being met.

Did you get invited to Justin's wedding? AH! Just kidding. And my laptop misses me too when I have to leave her. ;)

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